Dungeonborne – Death Knight Class Guide

Death Knight

Death Knight is a plate wearing class, with shadow magic abilities, I found it to be the strongest counter to fighter. So if you’re having a hard time getting spun on, make sure to try DK out. Lets get into the perks and passives.


Soul Shroud – Summons a ring of unholy power around self, dealing recurring shadow damage to all nearby enemies for the duration.

  • SS consumes Soul Essence as its form of mana. There is no cooldown on SS, but it does drain energy somewhat fast, so make sure to toggle it on and off when you are in range of your target.

Grasp of the Grave – Fires a spectral chain at target, pulling them to your side. Deals a small amount of shadow damage if it hits the enemy target.

  • This skill is huge to bring anyone into your melee range, or the largest advantage I found, is to pull the Fighter when he is in whirlwhind to shut it down and get a free hit.


Grim Harvest – 45 STR

Grasp of the grave generates a small amount of soul energy if it hits an enemy target.

Soup Reaper – 20 DEX

Resets the cooldown of grasp of the grave on kill.

Life Steal – 30 STAM

(Always try to get this first). Restores a small amount of life for EACH soul essence absorbed.

Soul Explosion – 35 INT

When Soul Shroud ends, it deals shadow damage to all enemies within its area. If over 50 soul energy were spent during Soul Shroud, the shadow damage is significantly increased when it ends.

Endless Binding – 25 WILL

Reduces the cooldown of grasp of the grave by 20 seconds if it hits an ally target.


Now that we know what the class does, I’m going to share my thoughts on how to build, and deal with different enemies.


I think Longsword and Bow as secondary is the absolute meta at this moment.

Stat Prio:



Ranged classes are hardest but thats only if you miss GotG, Melee classes is ggez.


You destroy anything in your path, and with Life Steal, you will feel immortal with out having to heal.

I hope you found this useful. Wishing you luck!

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