Isekai: Slow Life – Guide to Artifacts

General Information

Artifacts work as multipliers, not addends. To make a quick summary, everything that is multiplying power gets exponentially higher when they are grouped together. In simple terms, you should try to focus as much as possible on one single fellow, or a few, if you are looking to boost your stats as much as possible. In this case, your best artifact should go to the fellow that has the most aptitude. Always level up one single artifact to max level before moving on with the next.

Artifact Rankings

Artifacts are categorised by the same ranks as fellows and family, N to UR. There are two difference to the rank of artifacts, the Magic Ores needed to level up and the Initial Skill Count.


Each 10 Magic Ores used creates 1 aptitude, so a higher rank artifact means that a higher aptitude is gained at max level. Before capping out at max level, all artifacts are the same in terms of aptitude. To upgrade 70 levels on an N-rank artifact uses 700 Magic ores and creates 70 aptitude. To upgrade 10 levels on an UR-rank Golden Apple artifact uses 700 shards as well, and creates 70 aptitude the same way. However, at level 200 the N-rank artifact will have capped out at a much lower aptitude than the UR-ranked one.

All artifacts have a different initial aptitude, some within the same rank has a higher than others. This aptitude does not multiply, and does in the long run not make any difference. An artifact that has a 5 higher initial aptitude will only have a 5 higher aptitude no matter what level it is on.

Initial Skill Count

Each Artifact comes with a certain amount of “skill” sets, that can be fathomed to bring the gathering bonus higher. The max level is 25%. To increase the amount of skills you need to awaken the artifact, which is very expensive, so it’s good to have an artifact that already have multiple skills. This is the second reason why UR-artifacts are better than lower rank ones.

Different UR Artifacts

UR Artifacts are divided into two different categories, ones that comes with an initial skill count of 10, and one that comes with 8. The UR-artifact with 8 skills are fairly common and easily attained either though guild shop, Golemore shop, or simple events. The ones with 10 skill shards are usually very hard to get by and mainly locked behind paywalls.

Best Artifacts to Use: (UR with 10 Initial Skills)

Second Best Artifacts to Use: (UR with 8 Initial Skills)

Awaken Artifacts

With the help of quenching stones you can awake artifacts. When you awake an artifact, you get an additional skill level to reforge. Awakenings are initially not that expensive, but the price very quickly racks up to very high sums.

You can gain additional quenching stones by recycling UR artifacts, even at level 1 they give a certain amount of stones.

Recycle Artifacts

Leveled up the wrong artifact? Nothing to stress about. All artifacts can be reforged into Magic Ores. All resources (not oil) used on the artifact will be returned. Other than the artifact itself (which you get magic ores for) and oils used for reforging skills, you get all materials back. You should not be afraid of recycling artifacts. Do not recycle UR artifacts with 10 initial skills (Golden Apple, Horn of Plenty etc), unless you have way too many of them.

I hope the above information was helpful. Happy gaming!

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