Against the Storm – How to Cut Marked Trees (Tutorial)

Early in the tutorial it point out the Axe icon at the bottom of the screen you can mark trees with. If your wood cutters are not cutting down the trees you’ve marked then this guide is for you.

Cutting Down Marked Trees Tips

Wood cutters should definitely follow your orders in the tutorial.

There are a few things you could check:

  • Is the marked area within the Woodcutter’s Camp working radius? When you click on the Woodcutter’s Camp, an overlay will appear.
  • In the Woodcutter’s Camp there are two options to enable/disable and one of them is “Avoid opening glades”. If it’s checked, your Woodcutters won’t cut trees that would open a glade.
  • If you hold Alt when marking trees, it won’t mark trees that would open the glade if cut.

Remember! You never control specific units, but rather assign them to buildings.

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