Age of Wonders 4 – Free City Guide

Free City

Free cities are cities that do not belong to any empire. Most free cities start neutral towards all empires but a few of them will start at war with every empire instead. Empires can also declare war on neutral Free Cities to conquer them, which will also lower the empire’s alignment.

Making peace with a Free City costs Gold. In an army belonging to a Free City at peace occupies a map area, attempting to move onto that hex will bring the offer to pay Imperium for them to leave it.

Communication Channels

Empires may give Free Cities one of their Whispering Stones, which will slowly improve Allegiance with a Free City.

Depending on Allegiance, an empire may have the following relations with a Free City:

Neutral (Allegiance -11 to 22)

Pact of Cooperation (Allegiance 12 to 27)

  • Opens borders
  • Enables trading with up to two resource trades

Pact of Loyalty (Allegiance 27 to 44)

  • Shares vision
  • Allows building on claimed provinces
  • Contributes by 2 to Rally of the Lieges
  • Reinforces in combat against Marauders and empires the Free City is at war with

Pact of Vassalage (Allegiance 45)

  • Vassalage


Once an empire reaches 45 Allegiance with a Free City, the city will become a Vassal and Allegiance will change back to 0. Vassals reinforce their liege in combat against all enemies and allow them to teleport to and from their city. A Free City can only be a Vassal to a single empire. Vassals also provide additional benefits scaling with their Allegiance.

VassalageAllegianceIncome sharedRally of the Lieges contributionTrading costsShares magic materialsEnables integration
Denying Tributary-100 to -800%0100%NoNo
Minor Tributary-80 to -4010%150%YesNo
Tributary-40 to -1020%225%YesNo
Vassalage-10 to 1030%20YesNo
Bonded Vassalage10 to 4040%3-10%YesNo
Flourishing Vassalage40 to 8045%4-15%YesYes
Supreme Vassalage80 to 10050%5-20%YesYes
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