Age of Wonders 4 – Necromancy Tips

Tips for Necromancy

Necromancy is the best tome in the game infact the shadow tomes in general are extremely strong.

Sleep of oblivion with the raise zombie spell is soooooo strong. I use that against every mythic unit I go up against. I don’t think there is another spell in the game that 100% kills something. The downside of them coming after a couple turns can get countered by using any raise dead spell.

Also the siege upgrade that grants extra souls is very useful and combing that with the spell that grants extra souls is also very good.

It got to the point to where I could summon 3 undead armies. If you go wizard king and take certain traits that reduce combat spell cost as well as getting 5 combat points per support/mage unit as well as per kill. Things can get very very nutty.

Bone golems are also very powerful as well. You just rush them in and do a bunch of dmg then when you die you get skeletons. For every kill you get you can use raise zombie spells to further increase your undead.

My first build was Necromancy which I used against a friend and a bunch of normal AI. You can snowball very hard with it.

My friend went sacred with golems (the material tomes) in an attempt to counter me but I could just sleep of oblivion all the big units or out last them by resurrecting everything he kills.

Note: Necromancer = Infinite Banshee (Tier 3 troops) with great mana income (+ they spawn where you want) + the spell “heal undead” for heal an entire troop of banshee on strategic map, so in fact, necro is not that bad.

The thing with Necromancy is that souls are an EXTRA resource that you get more or less for free unless you start using some of the more involved conversion methods.

If you had an extra resource allowing same output as gold/mana that would be broken as hell. Even if you ignore Soulbinders (which you kinda need as Necro) 2 full stack fights is 12 souls, that’s basically a skeleton – an almost free t1 unit, almost because it still costs a tiny bit of draft.

You still have all your gold and mana economy to produce gold and mana units.

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