ELDEN RING – Tips to Kill Maliketh Boss

How to Defeat Maliketh Boss

In general

  • Go into the boss room assuming you are a dead man walking.
  • Don’t attack much at first, focus solely on watching his movements and defending against them for a while.
  • Once you’ve seen enough go in and start getting a few test attacks in where you can see clear openings in his attacks.
  • Keep at this and the boss will be dead much earlier than you might expect.

This applies to every boss by the way, its by far the fastest way to learn without much frustration.

In detail

First phase

  • Don’t stay right in front of him to be sliced by his dagger. Either back up, jump over the attacks, or circle around to his rear.
  • Listen to the audio queues to anticipate the bestial magic attacks and avoid them (either by rolling or backing away).

Second phase

  • You can acquire a tool called the Blasphemous Claw to “parry” certain sword attacks that glow yellow.
  • Stick to him like glue. In this phase you’ll be greatly punished if you run from him.

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