BATTLE CRUSH – Lancelot Calixer Guide (Story, Playstyle and Skills)

Guide to Lancelot Calixer


A devoted Calix enthusiast who lives and breathes for all things Calixes. With a background in artifact restoration, he eagerly joined a laboratory dedicated to researching these relics, finally realizing his long-held aspiration of restoring a Calix.

The Calix entrusted to his care happened to be none other than the Courtly Rose. While engrossed in the restoration process, he unexpectedly heard the faint voice of Lancelot emanating from within the Calix.

Captivated by the urgent pleas of the voice, he intuited that the Courtly Rose concealed profound secrets.

After thoughtful contemplation, Sage made the resolute choice to embark on a journey, driven by the desire to unveil the enigma surrounding the Courtly Rose and secure solace for Lancelot.

What is the truth behind Lancelot’s story?

Play Style


Essentially a support character who, while not particularly outstanding in attack power or survivability, provides buffs that are beneficial simply by being around during team play.


Takes on the role of an initiator at the start of combat, acting as a commander who designates and directs targets through special abilities.


Light attack 1

  • Quickly thrust your foil forward.

Light attack 2

  • Rapidly swing your foil 2 times.

Light attack 3

  • Spin around and thrust your foil sideways.

Dive attack

  • (When using a Light Attack while in midair) Quickly fall to the ground to cause a shockwave.
  • Stack Light 2 times on enemies hit by the shockwave.
  • If you are locked onto a target, land in the target’s vicinity.

Heavy attack 1

  • Enter Block stance.
  • Instantly counter the enemy’s attack and knock them down when attacked while using Block.

Heavy attack 2

  • Deliver a broad frontal slash while charging.
  • Throw the target back on hit.


  • Deploys an area of Divinity that affects allies.
  • Charm enemies when deploying the area.
  • Lancelot slowly recovers stamina while deploying the area.


  • Mark the enemy with Enfeeble.
  • The Mark is only visible to you and your allies.


  • Dash forward a short distance.
  • Can pass through the enemy.

Dodge attack

  • (When using a Light Attack after Dodge) Rapidly thrust your foil forward with your weight on the blade.
  • If the stab connects, inflict 1 stack of Light.
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