Bloons TD 6 – Student Loan Achievement Guide

Guide on how to get Student Loan achievement.

How to Obtain Student Loan Achievement


So this achievement is pretty straight forward on how to get it, but I still decided to write a guide. Hope this will help. I did this achievement on the end of the road, but you can do it anywhere where you can put at least 40 farms. Start the game at easy. You will need to go into freeplay. Also which hero you pick doesn’t matter that much, but if you have Benjamin unlocked use him for faster money.


  • Start farming as soon as possible, build 2-3-0 farms. When you have about 40 banks on the map, start upgrading them to 2-4-0.
  • Wait for all 40 abilities to be charged and then use them. When you used them it should look like this:
  • You noticed that you still didn’t hit 400k debt, no need to panic. All you need to do is to wait again for your ability and use it, until you hit 400k debt.


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