Bloons TD Battles 2 – How to Shred Your Opponent (Legitimate Guide)

This short guide explain how to win every battle.

Guide to Shred Your Opponent

Towers (Optional)

For this method I use Ninja Monkey, Helicopter, and Sniper Monkey.

Just spam Ninja Monkeys with double shot upgrade and they hold off most bloons easily, I only end up using 1-2 Sniper Monkeys as they aren’t too vital until late game. Use 2-3 attack helicopters with pursuit and preferably Apache Dartship upgrade as well.


Don’t send over bloons as most of the time they don’t get through and it saves money. Just wait untill you can afford a DDT (Black Blimp) then send one over, it goes very fast, has a lot of health, and is camo. If they manage to kill the DDT then you’re kinda screwed because no one has been able to yet against me.

Written by Anikta

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