Command & Conquer: Legions – Strategies for Victory

In a war strategy game, adopting the right development strategy and attaining sufficient Battle Power is the key to securing victories.

Battle Guide

Factors that influence your battle outcome…

Unit Types

Four types of units exist in this game: Infantry, Tank, Artillery, and Armored Vehicle.

Unit Counters:

  • Infantries counter Tanks.
  • Tanks counter Artilleries.
  • Artilleries counter Infantries.
  • Armored Vehicles are countered by all other unit types.

P.S. Avoid using armored vehicles in battles as they are really easily countered. Use them to gather resources and speed up constructions instead.

Unit Selection

  • World Map Battles: Tanks excel at clearing CABAL forces on the world map, especially when accompanied by Officers who can provide damage buffs.
  • PVP Battles: Prioritize Infantries in the early stages and add in Artilleries later on for a balanced and effective strategy.

Higher Grade Units

You can unlock higher grade units through Technology Research. Grade 3 and Grade 5 units are drastically stronger compared to their predecessors. Since Tier 5 units require considerably more effort to develop, it’s advised to focus on Tier 3 units instead.

P.S. In rallies, opt for higher-grade units as lower-grade units can bring down the overall stats of your troops.

Officer Selection

There are several categories of officers in the game: Resource Collection PvE PvP

PvP officers will be the focus of our discussion today.

  • A) Infantry Formation: Counters Artilleries. Recommended for early phases.

Commanding Officer: Killian Qatar + Vice Officer: Brother Marcion.

Prioritize Tank units for more effectiveness during rallies and battles against Cyborgs on the world map.

Talent Selection: pick Tank talents for Cyborg clearance and skill talents for rallies.

Difficulty to obtain: Easy Cyborg clearance: Effective PvP: Average

  • B) Infantry Formation: Counters Tanks. Recommended for mid phases.

Commanding Officer: Nigel Grant + Vice Officer: Shai Aviv

This is an infantry-based lineup that excels in defense. It’s great for early to mid-game rallies and Cyborg clearances. Opt for Infantry talents when dealing with Cyborgs and choose defense talents for rallies.

Difficulty to obtain: Easy Cyborg clearance: Effective PvP: Effective

  • C) Artillery Formation: Counters Infantries. Recommended for late phases when you have Officers that enhance Artillery units.

Commanding Officer: Umagon + Vice Officer: Ethan Blackwood

This offensive lineup centers around Artillery, making it ideal for rallies and Cyborg clearances. Opt for Artillery talents when dealing with Cyborgs and choose offensive talents for rallies.

Difficulty to obtain: Hard Cyborg clearance: Effective PvP: Effective

  • D) Mixed-Unit Formation: While these formations serve a variety of purposes, I recommend pursuing them after obtaining your core Officers.

Commanding Officer: Erich Wulfe + Vice Officer: Carlos Mendoza

This offensive lineup, designed for mixed units, is well-suited for rallies and Cyborg clearances. Leadership talents are generally recommended to maximize the effectiveness of this lineup.

Difficulty to obtain: Hard Cyborg clearance: Average PvP: Effective

How to Increase Your Officer Power:

  • A) Officer Skill Level

You can raise officer skill levels using Officer Dossiers. When all skills are at level 5, you can unlock Expertise for the officer. Remember that you can prioritize skill leveling using the skill lock feature.

Officer Dossiers can be acquired from the VIP Store, events, and by opening chests at the Academy.

  • B) Officer Level

You can raise Officer levels using EXP Chips. When officers level up, they gain more Talent points and Troop Capacity.

Officer EXP Chips can be obtained by defeating CABAL on the World Map (including CABAL Outposts), VIP Store, and limited time events.

  • C) Promoting Officers

Officer Merits allow officers to be promoted, enabling them to reach higher levels, unlock additional skills, and obtain more Talent points.

Officer Merits can be obtained through the VIP Store, events, and bundles.

Stat Bonuses

Officers can provide stat bonuses (attack, defense, health, etc.) to their troops. You can view these bonuses at the bottom left of the Troop Formation interface.

How to Increase the Stat Bonuses Provided by Your Officer:

  • A) Research War Technology
  • B) Stats Provided by Mechs

Each Mech is unique in terms of the stats they provide. For instance, King Oni provides +3% Troop Attack and +3% Match Speed to all units. Mech Components also provide bonus stats. Feel free to mix and match to find the combo that works best for you.

  • C) Officer Talents

Troop stats, such as attack, defense, and health, can also be enhanced through Officer Talents.

  • D) Buff Items

Buff items can be acquired through the store and various in-game events. These items can boost an officer’s attack/defense by up to 10% and can be used to increase Troop Capacity as well.

P.S. Only one attack/defense buff can be active at a time; activating additional buffs will replace the existing one.

  • E) Alliance Buffs

Joining an Alliance brings tons of amazing buffs. With the support of your allies, you’ll conquer CABAL Research Labs and gain even more.

Useful Tips

  • Daily Quests and Events: Engage in daily quests and events to earn resources and items for your upgrades.
  • Join an Active Alliance: It’s crucial to be part of an active alliance. You’ll gain access to resources, support in attacks and defenses, and wisdom from seasoned players, making a huge difference in your gameplay.
  • Manage Your Resources Wisely: Focus on upgrading your resource production and storage buildings. Also, use your resources judiciously to minimize losses from enemy attacks.
  • Participate in Alliance Wars: Don’t shy away from alliance wars. The rewards can be game-changing, providing essential resources and items to boost your progress.
  • Mech Fury Tips: First, try to get the best weapons; it is important to boost the primary weapon at the maximum before 10000 points. It is where the first bosss will arrive, to beat him try to keep a constant distant. Not to close or he will hit you, not too far or he will jump on you. Once killed you will have 10k/20k points before super fast scorpions arrive. For these ones, you need to run away as fast as you can. But if you do not have focus damage like primary weapons or flamethrower you will not manage to escape. Then it is a loop of these events until 110000 points.

That’s all! I really appreciate it if you’ve made it this far. See you in the game!

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