Command & Conquer: Legions – Chrono X Battle Guide

Welcome, Commanders, to our first guide on Chrono X Battle in Command & Conquer: Legions. This guide is here to take you through the nuances of new gameplay mode.

Basic Guide to Chrono X Battle Mode

Differences in Gameplay:

  • Unique Maps: The map for Chrono X Battle is different from those in regular gameplay.
  • New Rules: Adapt to a new set of rules that will challenge your strategic abilities.
  • No Deaths: In this mode, all losses are instantly revived at the end of the game.

Gameplay Overview:

In Chrono X Battle, two Alliances are assigned to either the Red or Blue side of the map. Once the battle commences, Commanders can earn individual points by:

  • Killing enemy units.
  • Occupying buildings.
  • Extracting oil at Tech Oil Derricks.
  • Escorting Yuri X’s Star to a non-enemy building.

The Alliance that accumulates more Alliance points within a limited time wins the battle.

Participation Criteria:

To join the Chrono X Battle, ensure the following:

  • Your server has reached a specific time milestone.
  • Your Alliance meets the participation requirements, being in the Top 100 of the server rankings and having at least 3 deployed Command Centers.
  • You, as a Commander, meet the eligibility criteria for participation, with a Base level of at least 16 and being selected as either a main or reserve member by the Alliance managers.

Joining Process:

  • Information about the upcoming Chrono X Battle schedule will be available on the Skirmish page.
  • Alliance managers must select their battle times and participating members.
  • The system matches Alliances based on their chosen battle times and Battle Power.

Prepare your strategies and rally your troops, Commanders. This is your chance to shine in the Chrono X Battle!


How does the matching system work?

The system will try to match alliances with similar battle power as much as possible, but this condition is also influenced by the total number of alliances registered and the time of registration.

Whether it’s cross-server depends on the entire matching pool. Servers created around the same time will be in the same matching pool, but whether your opponent is from another server depends on the first condition mentioned above.

Does this activity take place over the weekend?

Yes, еhe events usually take place on weekends.

How long is a battle session?

60 mins.

How is the matchmaking score of each member calculated?

A player’s battle power is the only influencing factor.

That concludes the guide, hope you found it helpful!

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