Command & Conquer: Legions – Beginner’s Tips

Useful Tips and Tricks for New Players


Buildings are the foundations of the game – make sure to consistently upgrade them as you progress! Also prioritize on upgrading the Construction Yard since all other buildings will rely on it to level up.

Here are some tips for the key buildings:

Resource Buildings: These structures hit their maximum storage in a span of 10 hours, and any surplus resources generated beyond that will go to waste. Make sure to collect the resources on time!

Military Buildings: These buildings include the Artillery Factory, Tank Factory, Vehicle Factory, and Barracks. As you level up these buildings, their troop training capacity, troop attack, and troop load may also increase.

Note: The Alliance Center provides 30 “Helps” once it reaches level 25, and each instance of “Help” you deliver to allies will reduce their current queue time by 1%. Each instance of “Help” will also trim a minimum of 3 minutes from a queue. Consequently, as your Alliance Center attains higher levels, you’ll be able to offer more assistance to allies, which results in greater overall queue time reduced! The order of upgrade that I recommend is: Construction Yard –> Prerequisite Buildings (for the Construction Yard) -> Resource Buildings – > Alliance Center -> Military Buildings.

Which Units Should Be Trained Early On?

In the early stages, your unit count will be insufficient no matter the selection, and therefore it’s advised to train whatever unit is accessible.

Also keep in mind that as your military buildings reach higher research levels, you’ll be able to turn Tier 2 units directly into Tier 4 and Tier 5. We also recommend keeping Armored Vehicles at level 1 in the early stages.


In the early stages, we recommend prioritizing on techs for Tier 2 troops as you will be able to pick up economy buffs through Neutral Camps on the World Map!


While we could expedite building and research time through speedup items, don’t overlook the benefits provided by buff items, researches, and the VIP system! Understanding and capitalizing on available bonuses holds significant importance, especially during the initial phases when resources are scarce!

Officer Tips

Raising officers to level 37 would allow you access to all of their resource-gathering or Cyborg-clearing (or Clear Out) talents! For beginners, we recommend Kirce James for gathering and Nargis for Cyborg-clearing. Dossiers for Kirce James can be obtained through main missions, while dossiers for Nargis can be obtained through completing Base Booster milestones.

Once you’ve obtained the dossiers and are ready to enhance the officers’ skills, we recommend doing so in the numerical order that they are assigned with (e.g. level up skill #1, then skill #2 and so forth).


Prioritize on finishing the main and daily missions for tons of rewards!

Clearing Fog-of-War

Exploring and revealing fogged areas demands a significant amount of time in C&C: Legions. A great way to speed up is to target a distant Cabal Research Lab, which minimizes the need to frequently pinpoint various territories.

Remember to frequently visit Neutral Bases and Stormshelters for rewards – this is one of the best ways to set yourself apart from average players!


Opting for active alliances is always advisable for the benefits they provide. The advantages include receiving assistance from allies to speedup queue times, taking part in Alliance Research for buffs, and being able to exchange for rewards at the Alliance Store.

How to Best Utilize Your Troops

After logging in each day, make sure to spend your Action Points by clearing Cyborgs. Once your Action Points are depleted, remember to deploy your troops for resource gathering! Also keep in mind that Action Points can be replenished using items.


You’ll see many events at the beginning stages of the game. Here’s a run-down of what they are about:

Path Starter

For this event, you’ll get rewards based on the Battle Power you reach and the final ranking you obtain at the end of the event. Reaching a score of about 600k would be considered solid for average players.

Growth Path

During the 7-Day period of the Growth Path event, you can take part in various tasks to earn points. As you reach specific point milestones, a variety of rewards will become available for you to claim!

Morelli’s Trial

In the Morelli’s Trial event, your objective involves defeating Cyborgs and gathering event items to summon Morelli close to your base. Once successfully summoned, you can then conquer Morelli for tons of rewards!

How to Obtain Rewards Through Map Exploration

You’ll receive a “Basic Investigation Crate” when the Drones complete their investigation. Receive lots of Resources, Speedup, Gold and EXP. Help you grow fast!

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That concludes the guide, hope you found it helpful!

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