Conqueror’s Blade – Currency Guide

This quick guide goes into detail about all the in-game currencies and a few other things.

Guide to All In-Game Currencies

Three Currencies

There are 3 main currencies in the game:

  • Bronze – Day to day purchases like repairing unit kits.
  • Silver – Special purchases from the V shop.
  • Sovereigns – The real money currency for extra special items like skins etc.

Other “Currencies”

Then the second part is other “currencies”


Used to unlock more units from the U menu – honour tree. Also from the unit tree you can click on the gold icon for the honour store for purchases. Only spend in here once you have a good selection of units unlocked – You can only earn 20k a week.

Supply tokens

Some daily/weekly quests reward you with supply tokens that you can use in teh supply store in the O screen exchange for valuable rewards.

Shared XP

Can view in the barracks screen – Also in U. This is used to level units outside of battle – it is charged up by fighting in sieges.


These are for the seasonal store in the f5 screen and are unlocked by leveling up the battle pass – you can also spend them in the f5 seasonal store.

Fame store

In every capital there is someone called the Fame Envoy/quartermaster. When you go to him you have 2 options, donation and store. You can donate many different things to him but the best thing to donate is gems you get from farming in the open world. There are 6 levels to the donations every week. Hitting those levels reward you with fame points (as well as playing sieges). You can spend these in the fame store for good rewards that are better and better the higher your fame.

I would try to complete every daily and weekly challenge if you can. It’s hard to scale them on value. I regularly don’t do the free battle/deathmatch ones because I don’t need those rewards but the important thing is you max out the weekly challenges to 150 each week to unlock the rewards.

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