Dark and Darker – All Treasurer Quests Guide

Here you can find all treasurer’s quests with descriptions, requirements, rewards and tips.

Guide to All Treasurer Quests

Hidden Riches

Ceremonial Secret

  • Completion Requirement: Turn in 5 Ceremonial Daggers
  • Quest Reward: 200 Gold Coin, 1 Crystal Sword, 1 Castillon Dagger, 25 Exp

No major tips to completing this one, it can be any rarity, if you are struggling to find any of these, break some pots, they have a chance to drop “Ceremonial Daggers”.

Quest is working fine. 

Forbidden Rituals

  • Completion Requirement: Howling Crypts; Visit the “Old Tomb”
  • Quest Reward: 50 Gold Coin, 1 Adventure Tunic, 1 Adventure Boots, 25 Exp

No special tips, only to just be wary of this area, it is a high traffic area due to the mini-boss (either Skeleton Champion or Wraith) as well as either a Lion’s Head chest, and Golden chest. Also in this location is a Royal Coffin. Might be best to get in and out quickly.

Quest is working fine.

Echoes of Eternity

  • Completion Requirement: Kill 3 Wraiths
  • Quest Reward: 50 Gold Coin, 5 Lockpicks, 1 Tattered Cloak, 40 Exp, 25 Affinity

No expert tips here, simple as killing Wraiths. Might be easier to do with a team of 3, since Howling Crypts will have the highest amount of Wraiths to kill. Wraiths can be found on Crypts at the following locations. Locations ‘2’ and ‘6’ have a chance to be Wraith.

Quest is working fine.

Into the Unknown

Lies in the Coffins

  • Completion Requirement: Howling Crypts; Visit the “Pyramid” location.
  • Quest Reward: 75 Gold Coin, 1 Golden Tooth, 1 Spellbook, 50 Exp

No special tips here, just locate the pyramid location on Howling Crypts. Note: The Golden tooth you get from this quest reward is “Handled” not “Looted”, make sure you don’t stack it on “Looted” golden teeth, otherwise it will change the status of your “Looted” golden teeth to “Handled”.

Quest is working fine.

Silver Lore

  • Completion Requirement: Turn in 200 Silver Coin
  • Quest Reward: 75 Gold Coin, 10 Gold Coin Purses, 50 Experience

No special tips here, just have to find 200 silver coins. Can be found pretty much anywhere you look for loot.

Quest is working fine.

Mimics and Money

  • Completion Requirement: Kill 7 Mimics, Turn in 2 “Mimic Tooth”
  • Quest Reward: 75 Gold Coin, 1 Bear Pendant, 1 Ring of Survival, 75 Experience, 25 Affinity

Not too many tips here, just make sure to open chests often, mimics can appear on all maps.

Quest is working fine.

Future Investments

Bundle of Bangles

Completion Requirement: Turn in 1 of each:

  • Gold Band, Simple Gold Bangle, Patterned Gold Bangle, Dotted Gold Bangle, Turquoise Gem Bangle, Light Gold Bangle, Triple Gem Bangle, Leaf Gold Bangle, Slim Bangle, Glimmer Bangle, Shine Bangle

Quest Reward: 125 Gold Coin, 5 “Potion of Luck”, 1 Golden Key, 200 Experience

This is one of the more exhausting quests. Only tips I can give are to hit golden piles where you can (Killing bosses on Goblin Caves, and Howling crypts, going to the middle of the map on Ice Cavern), also running highroller gives you better odds of getting more expensive treasures.

Quest is working fine.

Golden Entry

  • Completion Requirement: Interact with the Golden Door
  • Quest Reward: 125 Gold Coin, Ring of Quickness, Ring of Wisdom, 200 EXP

You will need a Golden key, and be in a High Roller lobby. You need to make your way to one of these areas depending on what layout you get. You need to be the one to open the door! Teammates opening it do not count for everyone on the team.

The second screenshot with the Rusty Doors you can use a golden key on doesn’t work. So go for either the first or third screenshot.

    Infernal Throne

    • Completion Requirement: In Inferno; Explore the ‘Demon Throne’ location. Must Escape
    • Quest Reward: 125 Gold Coin, Grimesmile Ring, Longbow, 175 Exp, 25 Affinity

    You can visit the Demon Throne when the boss is Warlord or Lich. Below are screenshots of the map layouts and location.

    Quest is working fine.

    Beyond Prepared

    Gold Rush

    • Completion Requirement: In Goblin Caves; Interact 4 Times with the Treasure Hoard.
    • Quest Reward: 200 Gold Coin, Leather Gloves, Wanderer Attire, 350 Exp, 25 Affinity

    The treasure hoards are located after you kill either the Cyclops or Troll. I would save any boss drops as a possible quest item in the future.

    It only counts your first interact with a hoard, per run. I’m unsure if this is intentionally done, but it is annoying you have to do four separate runs when you can interact with it that many times in a single run.

    Colossal Takedown

    • Completion Requirement: In Goblin Caves; Kill 1 Cave Troll
    • Quest Reward: 200 Gold Coin, Tattered Cloak, Rawhide Gloves, 350 Exp

    Just be patient and the troll will die. Dodge left, keep your space from his swings and when he goes to roar, get close to his side to not be affected. For what I did: You just need the kill, so if someone else is working on it and you have nothing to lose, get that kill.

    Quest is working fine.

    Mystical Gems

    • Completion Requirement: Turn in Looted items: Blue Sapphire (Royal), Diamond (Royal), Emerald (Royal) and Ruby (Royal)
    • Quest Reward: Gold Coin Chest, 1,000 Exp, 50 Affinity

    The best place to find these are in HR Treasure Hoards (Gold Piles). Hopefully you find all 4 and don’t get any duplicates. I’ve been saving everything Royal I get, just in case there is a quest that needs it later.

    Quest is working fine.

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