Super Fantasy Kingdom – How to Beat Curse 1-4

Ultimate Guide to Beating Curse [1-4]

By Xverilh.

Before starting the game, make sure to have all or most of the resources on the map unlocked, Instructions on this guide works with normal runs too.


World Map Resources:

+2 berries +1 fish +2 workers from the village.

Day 1:

Pause the game as soon as it starts, look at the resources in your base.

Look for:

  • Both Mines Stone / Gold are close to a building spot.
  • Most Stone rocks are close to your quarry.
  • 3 or more trees are close to the spot marked in brown.

If everything is mixed just exit the game and keep restarting.

Screenshot: Both mines are close, I won’t be needing train tracks for this run.

Day 1 – Actions (While in Pause):

  • Build the tavern close to the port / base.
  • Build your lumberyard close to 3 or more trees / try to avoid building it too far away of the castle (each second counts) then assign 5 workers to the lumberyard.
  • Repair your castle.
  • Get 5 wood from one of the world building spots ( you will need to unpause for 1 or 2 seconds to make the wood clickable).
  • Build 2 houses on the right side of the castle.
  • Unpause, once you get 4 wood purchase a crossbowman.
  • Get 3 wood pause, purchase the quarry, send 3 people to the quarry leave 1 at the lumberyard leave the other worker idle.

Once you gather 4 stone, purchase the fighter.

  • Gather 3 stone to upgrade your castle.
  • Gather 10 stone and purchase the wall asap.

At night pay attention to your units, don’t let anyone die if possible.

Example: Curse 4 night 1 – balance tanking with both fighter and hero. You can also move your hero to reset focus, this will help you if he’s distracted with a low priority monster.

Day 2:

At this point, you will have two options regarding your gameplay: (Prefer This run used this option) pray for a good run RNG or (Not Recommended, cheat).

Day 2 – Actions:

  • Select runescribe.
  • Gather 20 stone purchase both wall & gate asap (don’t wait until 20 get each one once you get 10).
  • If you have 8 or more wood build a sawmill, assign lumberyard worker to the sawmill.
  • Assign 1 worker to your tavern until you have 3 food then let him idle.
  • If you ran out of wood at the sawmill, change the worker to lumberyard.
  • Purchase a port asap (3 plank).
  • Once your hero levels up, select Inspire (this is a must).
  • Place your units like this.
  • Be prepared to move your hero to save your runescribe.

Screenshot: I moved my hero to protect the runescribe once, but it wasn’t necessary since the fighter killed the monster, this action lowered my runescribe dmg by 50% boost only works when shield is full (shield resets if anyone moves position).

Day 3:

  • Purchase wall & gate asap, change your unit’s layout to this.
  • Assign 1 worker as permanent food collector at the tavern.
  • Get 5 wood change worker to sawmill.
  • Get 5 stone to upgrade your lumberyard, leave only 1 forester assigned, remove other workers from the lumberyard.

Day 4:

You should run out of stone rocks by this day.

  • Purchase the gold mine building, assign 3 workers.
  • Try finishing the day with 3 planks and 8 gold ore (or 3 if you have purchased a portal).
  • If you are playing at curse 4 your hero should level up by this day, select Inspire again (there’s a bug both options have the same name) Select the one with wider attacks + 100% dmg when full shield.

Day 5 – Merchant Event:

  • Trade 4 / 3 / 2 planks for 2 gold bars if possible.(merchant prices are random, only trade planks this day).
  • Level up your runescribe using those 2 gold bars.
  • Purchase your portal if you haven’t, look for a gremlin or focus on a runescribe (This is better).
  • Develop stone mine as soon as possible (5 gold), assign 1 worker to the quarry.
  • Stay alert to defend your units, I was careless and lost 2 units today / make sure to always keep your gremlin in the middle top position every morning, swap him with your hero if he’s in danger but dont kill your self.
  • Before the day ends your lumberyard should look like this remove your forester using right click, leave 2 workers at the lumberyard 2 Gold mine 1 tavern/port 1 quarry.

Day 6 – Event:

  • Ignore the event.
  • Challenge the mini boss if you want (we won’t be needing hay at all).
  • Build a smelter building by the end of the day.

Day 7 – Boss Day:

  • Assign workers to the smelter (2 workers).
  • Once you get 16 wood purchase another worker, keep 1 worker at the lumberyard 1 at the sawmill.
  • At this point you should have exhausted your gold veins.
  • Develop the gold mine as soon as you have 5 ingots.
  • Once you defeat the boss, pick metal mage item (This is a must, I haven’t tried without it so idk).

Current Base:

Day 8:

If you get 6 Gold bar this day, level up the runescribe to 2 stars. If you have 9 stone and some spare planks, build a hunter building, assign 1 worker

Today is a hard day for tanking, but is possible.

Day 9:

  • Another hard day for tanking, just make sure to move your hero.
  • Just make sure to assign 1 worker to goldmine / quarry / tavern / port / hunter.

Day 10:

At this point you should wait until you have 11 gold bars.

  • Build a runescribe building on the remaining world spot.
  • Upgrade your fighter asap.
  • Provoke any world events if possible.

My tanking was horrible today, but is ok if someone dies.

Day 11:

  • Optional: Build a siege camp ( not needed).
  •  We are still waiting for 11 gold ingots.
  • Make sure to place your gremlin always on the top position every morning (reference: day 5, daylight screenshot, only if you have 1 otherwise keep hero all the way up).

Day 12:

  • Level up your runescribe using 11 gold ingots.

At this point just keep collecting gold ore / ingots, level up gremlin once, then go for siege camp to purchase a trebuchet or catapult if possible.

Day 12 will be really easy with your enchanter. You won’t be needing tanking but stay aware since weather could affect this day a lot.

Day 13:

  • Just be aware of your units during the day/night.

Day 14:

  • Finish!

All screenshots belong to the same gameplay on Curse 4.

World Events:

  • 2 Boys – Got 2x Bow.
  • 1 Green Giant Provoke.
  • 1 Gold Ore.

I hope you found this useful!

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