Dark and Darker – Barbarian Meta Build (with Tips)

Build Guide for Barbarian

Perks: Huge Lungs

Then Pick From: Iron Will, Savage, Berserker, Robust, Crush, Potion Chugger.

Pure francisca thrower gaming takes axe spec.

  • Abilities: Rage + savage roar (can replace either with achilles).
  • Weapon: Zwei + viking sword (solos) or zwei + viking sword/felling axe + viking sword (team play – latter if you have a speed boost from wiz or bard).
  • Stat Rolls: Speed barb: dex, +move speed, +move speed %, +phys power, +physical damage %, +weapon damage, action speed.
  • Tank Barb: Ms, ms%, +armour, +hp, then dex/dmg etc.
  • Gear: Leather/riveted/reinforced gloves, adventurer boots, cloth pants/heavy leather (tank barb), no chest (savage) adventurer tunic/padded/crafted doublet (speed solo barb or tank barb) regal (only tank barb), barbuta, monkey pendant/finesse rings, mercurial cloak, can replace dex gear with vig for tank barb.
  • Race: Elf

Useful Tips – Solo

  • Use throwing axes while chasing people (bring lots).
  • If a ranger has you at range or might have traps, just leave. break doors cross map.
  • Sit in zone to keep hp up while waiting for statics to open or when held out by rangers.
  • If someone gets ranged hits on you before you engage in melee, don’t engage. Flee. You need your hp to win fights.


  • ‘Pre-swing’ to get a free hit as they try to close, be backpedaling sideways as you turn to keep blade steady.


  • Only swing once you see the whites of their eyes.
  • Jump during your swing and aim down to get headshot over the ‘top’ of a forward facing shield.

Useful Tips – Trios

  • Get the wizard to haste invis you in. Always target the squishiest target first. Be standing next to them when you break invis, not at max weapon range.
  • Lurk near doorways while the ranged battle happens – your job is to intercept rogues or shield guys pushing.
  • Don’t be afraid to just axe down hydras.

I hope the above information was helpful. Happy gaming!

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