Dark and Darker – All Weaponsmith Quests Guide

Here you can find all weaponsmith’s quests with descriptions, requirements, rewards and tips.

Guide to All Weaponsmith Quests

Lessons Learned

Aiding A Legacy

  • Completion Requirement: Turn in 5 Looted Rare Weapons
  • Quest Reward: 75 Gold Coin, Castillon Dagger, War Maul, Longbow, Crystal Ball, 50 Exp, 25 Affinity

Some locations on Howling Crypts have guaranteed rare weapon spawns. Also Throwing Knives and Francisa Axes count towards this quest as well; a 2 for 1 deal.

Quest is working fine.

Blades of Myth

  • Completion Requirement: In The Ice Cavern, explore the ‘Pyramid’ location. You must escape.
  • Quest Reward: 75 Gold Coin, 3 Trap Disarming Kits, 3 Potions of Protection, 50 Exp

There is a static extract within the ‘Pyramid’ room. So do your run normally and then just run in there and take the static immediately.

Quest is working fine.

The Search Continues

  • Completion Requirement: In The Ice Cavern, kill 3 Wendigos and 3 Frost Walkers
  • Quest Reward: 75 Gold Coin, Ring of Courage, Watchman Cloak, 75 Exp, 25 Affinity

Frost Walkers spawn in both boat extracts and the locations below them. If you find the frost walker’s eyes, keep them since they are for another quest with the Tavern Master.

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Remember Your Heritage

The Secrets Of Gold

  • Completion Requirement: Turn in 6 Looted Gold Ore
  • Quest Reward: 125 Gold Coin, Divine Blade, Divine Short Sword, 200 Exp

You can mine gold in Inferno. Also, in HR, when you mine ore, it gives you more than in normal mode. Below are screenshots of inferno where you can mine gold. First, being the top left of the Lich map. Second is the bottom left of the Ghost King map. Third is the bottom left of the Warlord Map.

Quest is working fine.

Battle Forge

  • Completion Requirement: In one session, Kill 3 Players
  • Quest Reward: 125 Gold Coin, Castillon Dagger, Zweihander, Crystal Sword, 200 Exp

It HAS to be your kill. If it is an assist, then it doesn’t count. I recommend doing normals so you know how many more kills you need. In HR, you don’t find out how many you have until it is over.

Quest is working fine.

An Oath Unbroken

  • Completion Requirement: In Howling Crypts, Interact with 25 Stone Tombs
  • Quest Reward: 125 Gold Coin, Magic Staff, Old Shoes, War Maul, 175 Exp, 25 Affinity

I would just work on this quest while working on other quests. Since it is currently the final quest for Weaponsmith there is no need to rush.

Quest is working fine.

Iron In Blood

Warrior’s Reckoning

  • Completion Requirement: Kill Player (25x)
  • Quest Reward: 200 Unique Gold Coin, 1 Epic Horseman’s Axe, 1 Epic Morning Star, 350 Experience, 25 Affinity

Small Delights

  • Completion Requirement: Interact with Small Oak Chest in Goblin Caves dungeon (50x)
  • Quest Reward: 200 Unique Gold Coin, 1 Legend Lightfoot Boots, 1 Legend Plate Boots, 350 Experience

Pelt Pursuit

  • Completion Requirement: Fetch Troll Pelt (1x)
  • Quest Reward: 200 Unique Gold Coin, 1 Legend Leather Chausses, 1 Legend Plate Pants, 1000 Experience, 50 Affinity

I sincerely hope this was helpful. Good luck to you!

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