Dark and Darker – All Woodsman Quests Guide

Here you can find all woodsman’s quests with descriptions, requirements, rewards and tips.

Guide to All Woodsman Quests

Igniting Secret Fires

Fire’s Compassion

  • Completion Requirement: Turn in 5 Looted Campfires
  • Quest Reward: 50 Gold Coin, Surgical Kit, 3 Explosive Bottles, 25 Exp, 25 Affinity

No expert tips for this one, check chests, as well as break crates and barrels to increase your odds.

Quest is working fine.

Invasive Species

  • Completion Requirement: In Inferno; Kill 1 Demon Centaur and 5 Demon Dogs 
  • Quest Reward: 50 Gold Coin, Potion of Luck, Heavy Leather Leggings, 40 Exp

There are many cheese spots that can be found in inferno when taking on these monsters. Try to queue with some friends to help you eliminate them. You CAN dodge centaur attacks, but can be risky since it does high damage. Demon dogs can be dodged by rotating either left or right while fighting it to dodge its bite.

Quest is working fine.

Fortune’s Guidance

  • Completion Requirement: Howling Crypts; Explore the “Prisons A” Location. Must Escape.
  • Quest Reward: 50 Gold Coin, Leather Cap, Dashing Boots, 25 Exp, 25 Affinity

You will just need to locate this area on the crypts map. Below is a screenshot of the layout for the map and the location you need.

These layouts below allegedly the prisons count as prison A. Big map shows full layout, smaller screenshot is the actual prisons module.

Safe Keeping

Cramped Quarters

  • Completion Requirement: Kill 12 players.
  • Quest Reward: 100 Gold Coin, War Hammer, Crystal Ball,  150 Exp

This can be done in either normals or highroller. If you are new to the game, I highly suggest doing this in normals since the kills can be more easily tracked and easier to take.

Quest is working fine.

Explosive Endeavors

  • Completion Requirement: Turn in 7 Explosive Bottles
  • Quest Reward: 100 Gold Coin, Lantern, Forest Hood, 125 Exp

This can be done in either normals or highroller, there is no specific rarity needed for the “Explosive Bottles” so you can grab any of them.

Quest is working fine.

Absolutely Batty

  • Completion Requirement: In Inferno; Explore the ‘Waiting Room’ location. Must Escape.
  • Quest Reward: 100 Gold Coin, Demonclad Leggings, Round Shield, 125 Exp, 25 Affinity

Below are screenshots of Inferno where you can find the Waiting Room. Despite it saying to escape, we died to another team and it still counted for my quest.

Quest is working fine.

Keeping Faith

Infernal Champions

  • Completion Requirement: In Inferno; Kill 3 Demon Bat, 2 Demon Berserker, 3 Demon Centaur and 8 Demon Dog
  • Quest Reward: 175 Gold Coin, Occultist Tunic, Dark Leather Leggings, 250 Exp

Just focus on other quests while you do this. Also kill progress is shared across the team, so if you are the only team in Inferno, split up to kill everything faster.

Quest is working fine.

Amidst Peril

  • Completion Requirement: In The Howling Crypts; Survive 3 Times, In A Row
  • Quest Reward: 175 Gold Coin, Quarterstaff, Short Sword, 250 Exp

You can easily load into 3 matches and camp a static extract to escape. Just bring extra campfires and meds to sit in the dark swarm. If you are a ranger, like me, use camping mastery to get a better use out of them.

Quest is working fine.

Haunting Presence

  • Completion Requirement: In Inferno, Explore the ‘Dark Ritual Rooms’ ‘A,’ ‘B,’ and ‘C.’ Must Escape
  • Quest Reward: 175 Gold Coin, Gravewolf Gloves, Rugged Boots, 500 Exp, 25 Affinity

The Dark Ritual room is the center room of inferno where the boss is. You need to visit all 3, so just poke your head into the room while in Inferno and extract to complete that step.

Quest is working fine.

Lost Tribe

Ember’s Amidst Frost

  • Completion Requirement: Use Item Campfire Kit in Ice Caverns dungeon (20x)
  • Quest Reward: 200 Unique Gold Coin, 1 Epic Survival Bow, 1 Epic Ring of Survival, 300 Experience, 25 Affinity

Learning Of The Rebellion

  • Completion Requirement: Kill Frost Giant Berserker (15x), Kill Frost Giant Shielder (15x)
  • Quest Reward: 200 Unique Gold Coin, 1 Legend Bardiche, 1 Legend Heater Shield, 350 Experience


  • Completion Requirement: Survive Ice Caverns dungeon (3x)
  • Quest Reward: 200 Unique Gold Coin, 1 Legend Ring of Courage, 1 Legend Ring of Wisdom, 1000 Experience, 25 Affinity

I appreciate your time and hope this little tutorial was helpful.

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