Dark and Darker – Longsword Fighter Build (with Tips)

Build Guide for Fighter

Hold right click to block. Right click twice after someone hits your block to riposte twice.

What Perks Work and Why?


Provides +50 Armor Rating while blocking, lets you to tank one to two extra hits, invaluable for longsword which can be prone to missing parries. Riposting also counts as a special case where you are still blocking meaning barricade is active while you have that 187% multiplier!

Shield Mastery

Provides +50% action speed to your next action not next block allowing you to do your first riposte 50% faster. Makes you move 10% faster during block.

Counter Attack

Provides +10% action and movespeed for 3 seconds, makes your riposte 10% faster and makes you move 10% faster.

Sword Mastery

Provides 10 Movespeed while holding block and 5% action speed while holding a sword.

Perk Combinations:

Combo (my preference):

  • Shield Mastery (Mandatory For Every Longsword Build).
  • Sword Mastery (Extra action speed for faster stab recovery).
  • Defense Mastery (PDR).
  • Swift (Being faster).

Combo 2 (triple block perk build, fourth perk swappable):

  • Counterattack / Sword Mastery.
  • Shield Mastery.
  • Barricade.
  • Swift.

Secondary Options:

  • Crossbow.
  • Shield (For rushing in on ranged players, swap to sword when close up).


Any armor works but this is what I do:

  • Crusader Helmet (For agility and dexterity).
  • Grand Brigandine (For dexterity).
  • Heavy Gauntlets (For dexterity and vigor).
  • Heavy Leathers (Vigor).
  • Rugged Boots (Vigor).


Sprint and second wind are the golden standard, but adrenaline rush is a candidate as well.


Action speed above all else, it will allow you to make better use of your skill in longsword by giving you a faster recovery on your stabs and for better zoning with your LONGsword. Ideally go for 20% action speed as a base, 15% if you have sword mastery on.

  • Weapon Damage/Phys Damage/Phys Damage %/Armor Penetration%.
  • AR / PDR.
  • Health / Vigor.
  • Move Speed / Agility.

I sincerely hope this was helpful. Good luck to you!

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