Darkest Dungeon II – Troubleshooting Tips

If you are running into any issues with the game, please try all the workarounds below to see if one of them solves your issue.

Darkest Dungeon II Fixes

Disable Overlays

Currently several overlay programs cause black screen issues on systems. Try disabling overlays on programs. The following list are potential programs that cause this but is not exhaustive

  • MSI Afterburner
  • Riva Tuner
  • Overwolf

If you have any other overlay type of programs, disable the overlay or exit the program.

Update Your Video Card Drivers

This is the next most common cause for people’s inability to run the game, particularly on PC.

It is also important that you update your drivers through software provided by your video card manufacturer or directly from their site. Using Windows or updating software provided by your laptop manufacturer to find more recently drivers is less reliable, as they will likely only have drivers that initially shipped with the product, or will be out of date with the actual video card manufacturer.

Always make sure you reboot your machine after installing the drivers, just to be safe. Then try relaunching the game.

Laptop users should force their Nvidia / AMD cards

Use the Nvidia Control Panel or AMD CCC to force the game to use your built in GPU instead of the Intel one.

We’ve also noticed that some HP laptops don’t report the correct OpenGL version and/or people can’t force their video card.

Windows N Download Media Feature Pack

If you are running a Windows “N” variant, you need to install the media feature pack so the intro movie will play.

Delete Previous Saves

Try deleting your previous saves as they may be casuing issues

  • C:\Users\<username>\appdata\LocalLow\RedHook\Darkest Dungeon II

Delete all the files in here and restart the game

Try Restarting Steam

If you don’t see the game in your library, try restarting the Steam client.

Verify the Integrity of the Game Cache

If you have tried all of these workarounds, and are still having trouble running the game, or if there are other obvious missing elements to the game (such as missing fonts), validate that all of the files are actually installed properly:

  • Go to your Steam Library
  • Right click -> Properties on Darkest Dungeon
  • Click the “Local Files” tab
  • Click on the “Verify Integrity of Game Cache…” button
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