Darkest Dungeon II – How to Defeat Act 3 Boss

Tips to Defeat Act 3 Boss

He’s a hard one to reliably beat and you might have to get a bit lucky, especially in ensuring that only one or two heroes get “seen” tokens prior to the second phase.

Some of what helped me:

  • Man at Arms to taunt, absorb damage, and protect others.
  • Flagellant and his ways of healing other teammates, particularly if they get knocked down to death’s door.
  • In addition, get Flagellant stressed up and go toxic. Now every time the boss does his group-wide attack, he’s going to pick up blight from Flagellant.
  • Use combat items to do most of the healing if possible as they don’t take up an action. Although expect that your team will be spending a lot of time at death’s door or just above it, so the combat item that boosts crit and spd at death’s door can be very helpful here.
  • Riposte as much as possible (Man at Arms, Highwayman). Every time he does limerence, he’ll be hit back.
  • Skills and trinkets that give dodge tokens. Also, don’t overlook positive relationships. If you get Respectful on someone, they can give a dodge buff to an ally when using a skill.
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