Dead by Daylight – How Many Bloodpoints Are Needed for 100 Prestige

Simple calculations of how much bloodpoints are needed for one character, all survivors and all maniacs.

For One Character

On average, 1,700,000 bloodpoints are needed to pump one prestige, there are only 100 prestige points in the game.

100×1,700,000 = 170,000,000

And this is only for 1 character!

For All Survivors

There are only 33 survivors in our game, we already know that 170,000,000 bloodpoints are needed for one survivor, we count:

170,000,000×33 = 5,610,000,000

It’s just a huge number!

For All Maniacs

As we already know that one character needs an average of 170,000,000, and there are 29 maniacs in our game, we calculate:

170,000,000×29 = 4,930,000,000

This is only 680,000,000 bloodpoints less than necessary for survivors!

For All Characters

In total, there are 62 characters in our game, we know that for all survivors we need 5,610,000,000 bloodpoints, and for all maniacs 4,930,000,000 bloodpoints, we calculate:

5,610,000,000+4,930,000,000 = 10,540,000,000

For all characters 10,540,000,000.

This is just an unreal amount!

Interesting Fact

According to the dbd stats website, the largest number of bloodpoints was spent:

For the following amount of time:

And this is 253.8 almost 254 days of pure gameplay!


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