Death Stranding Director’s Cut – EX Granades / Non-lethal Grenades Anti-BTs

A Guide saying how many grenades are, what are they for and how to craft them.

General Information

The EX Grenades are grenades that can be effective only against BTs; mules will not be affected by them. To produce them you must go to bridges’ room, or any safehouse.

About the Grenades

EX Grenade number 0

  • Function: Drive away the BT
  • Production: Bathing. The dirtier you are with ‘tar’, more grenades will you produce.
  • Cargo per Grenade: 1

EX Grenade number 1

  • Function: Distract the BT and makes it disappear for a few seconds (if it is a small BT)
  • Production: Urinating. The more your bladder is full, more grenades will you produce.
  • Cargo per Grenade: 4

EX Grenade number 1+

  • Function: Makes the BT flee to the Seam
  • Production: Urinate it’s just not enough, you must have your exhaustion bar (standard 4 parts) 75% compromised; you must be at the limit of fatigue to be able to produce this grenade. Even though the energy and exhaustion bar are in the same spot, you can keep your energy as much as possible as exhaustion allows you, said that, in the end you will have to get 75% or more exhaustion and energy less than 25%. The thing is, Sam will urinate blood under these conditions, so the grenade becomes stronger. Tip to get exhausted: walk a lot making deliveries and/or fight a lot, either with BTs or MULES.
  • Cargo per Grenade: 4

EX Grenade number 2

  • Function: Deviates BT’s focus. The place where you throw the grenade will get your scent, so the BT will start heading towards the spot.
  • Production: Eating cryptobionts and using the toilet while sitting (defecate).
  • Cargo per Grenade: 3

Final Considerations

That’s it, if you have any discrepancies in the amount of cargo per grenades, it’s cause… somehow you did something different than I did, based on the numbers I received when I craft the grenades.

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