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Death Stranding - How to Refill Canteen with Monster Energy Drink

Nov 2, 2019    

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Monster Energy Drink

Monster Energy Drink in Death Stranding is created in a rather unique way when compared to how it’s probably made in reality. There are a few ways you can replenish your canteen with the energy drink.

The easiest way to completely refill your canteen is by standing in any safe body of water. According to Death Stranding th water is absorbed and filtered into the canteen, making it safe to drink.

Any water that comes in contact with your canteen will refill it, though, like timefall. Feel free to drink from your canteen as needed when you’re in timefall.

What Does Monster Energy Drink Do?

Monster Energy Drink’s presence in Death Stranding is quite a strange one, and you’ll likely need to use it. Monster is what fills Sam’s canteen. When you’re out and about and need to recover stamina quickly, you’ll drink from the canteen for a quick energy boost. Monster doesn’t restore stamina lost from exhaustion, though.

You can also find several cans of Monster in Sam’s private room. You can have Sam drink them there too. Doing so will boost Sam's stamina by varying percentages up to a maximum of a 25% boost.