Disney Dreamlight Valley – Map Adjustments Tips for Easy Gameplay

Since the game has an option to build your own Dreamlight valley, that means it makes your life in the game way easier.

Tips for Map Adjustments

Use your items bag and choose furniture part:

  1. Minimise trees on the map (do not delete them all as you will need some wood from them). Locate them in more convenient places, for example in the borders of each area.
  2. Remove unnecessary decorations and make your visibility and walking way easier.
  3. Gather all the crops/fruits in one area and make your harvesting easier (you can bring bushes or trees from unlocked parts of the areas if half of area is already unlocked). Food stall next to it will give a nice option to earn some money quite fast.
  4. It might be useful for some of the players – if you unlocked half of an area – most of harvestable items and collectables can also be brought from all the other side to your location.

Good luck and have fun!

Written by B392

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