Divinity: Original Sin 2 – Beginner Tips to Fight Guide (Mobility as Priority 1)

This guides explains the necessity of having a “big variety of mobility” to succeed in fights.

Fight Tips for New Players

This is just a short guide without having to read walls of text to understand whats going on.

Mobility is one of the most important, if not the most important part to win (especially harder) fights. Beside all strategies, abilities, vitality points, damage and accuracy stats, mobility of the characters is for a lot players who start this game no special focus point.

Below you can find 4 specific tips to boost you mobility. The below content may have some minor spoiler about abilities of armour, but not about the story and characters.

Teleportation Skill

Use in Fights: Beside the fact that you will gain access outside of fights to some new locations, infight the teleportation (especially early game) can be used to teleport enemies to your preferred location. An example would be the annoying Enemy Sniper teleported directly beside your melee character(s). You can also teleport your companions out of an elemental affected area (or your enemies into) as well as safe your companions from enemies or give them a better position in the fight.

How to get:

Find and use the Gloves of teleportation early in the first chapter. These are dropped by saltwater crocodiles on the west beach, directly next to Fort Joy Ghetto.

Later you can find teleportation scrolls or learn this ability as an Aerotheuge character.

Learn the “Escapist” Talent

And do it as soon as it is possible in Chapter 1 for all your chaarcters. This talent gives you an enormous benefit as you are now able to flee fights although you are directly surrounded by enemies. The classic fleeing (without “Escapist”) requires you to get some distance between you and your enemies. The Escapist nullifies this requirement.

Learn Character Specific Mobility Skills

While Aerotheuge characters have abilities like teleportation or “Nether Swap” (change the position of two characters), other characteres have position changing abilities as well:

  • Scoundrel = Cloak and Dagger (for own).
  • Warfare = Phoenix Dive (for own).
  • Huntsman = Tactical Retreat (for own).
  • Summoning = Planar Gateway (for all allies).

I personally use these movement abilities in nearly every harder fight to strengthen my position.

If you dont have the Escapist, these abilties may help to get some distance between you and your enemies.

Find and Use the Teleport Pyramids (in Combination with The Escapist)

Combined with “the escapist” the ultimate mobility skill in most of the fights.

There are 4 teleport pyramids (2 in Act 1, the other 2 in Act 2) – equip each of your 4 characters with one of them.

A pyramid can be used to directly teleport your char to another pyramid. If you have all 4 pyramids you can choose to which of the other 3 pyramids you want to teleport – if you have just found one, you cannot use it.

Although infight the pyramid has a 5 Action point use, in combination with the Escapist use it as follows:

  • Flee the combat with your character (therefore you need at least one waypoint), best if there is still at least one turn in the active round for one of your allies.
  • Heal and let your used abilities reset.
  • Use the pyramid to teleport back to one of your allies.
  • If it is still the round you have been fled from, you will gain another turn in the same round, means you can attack/heal two times. If there are more turns still to come you can repeat this a few times.

This can be done with every character.

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