Divinity: Original Sin 2 – How to Play Singleplayer with Four Custom Characters

Ever wanted to play divinity with multiple custom characters? Well now you can! Disclaimer: It’s quite likely that someone has done a guide of this before, but I wanted to make one as I recently learned that this was possible.

Guide to Play Singleplayer with Four Custom Characters

All credit goes to Bloblobbob!

Locating the EoCApp File

In order to create four custom characters from the beginning, you’ll need to open multiple instances of divinity.

  1. First, open divinity through steam and create a singleplayer lobby like you normally would.
  2. Make any wanted adjustments to your character, open the lobby with a direct connection, and copy the IP.
  3. Once you’ve done that, go into your file explorer and locate the “Divinity Original Sin 2” folder. On PC this is usually located on your C: drive in Program Files(x86) > Steam > steamapps > common.
  4. Once inside the “Divinity Original Sin 2” folder, you need to locate the “EoCApp” application.
  5. This is located in DefEd > bin.
  6. Launch this application, and select the right profile.

Note: By default, launching the EoCApp will create a new debug profile, but you don’t need to use this. Just make sure not to use a proflie you’re already using.

Joining the Game via Direct Connection

Once you have two instances of divinity running (careful: your computer will most likely start to lag a bit with multiple instances open), open the muliplayer window through the main menu and select the direct connect button. Paste the IP for the lobby you created earlier, and join the game.

You can now edit your other custom character! You can open new instances of divinity as many times as you like using the EoCApp application, but you only need four to make a full party of custom characters. When you’re happy with your characters, start the game. Once the tutorial deck has loaded, you can safely close the other instances of divinity. You can now play with all of your characters!

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