Doomsday: Last Survivors – Arena Of Doom Tips

Here are my tips to improve ranking and win fights against higher might players.

Tips for Arena Of Doom

Use Good Hero Combos

  • Raigoro (Bring All Infantry): Alexander, Charlie, Tom, Edward, Martin, Peterson, Adut
  • Tom (Bring All Infantry): Martin, Edward, Charlie, Raigoro, Peterson, Adut
  • Catherine (Bring All Riders): Park, Cynthia, Freya, Bella, Sven
  • Cynthia (Bring All Riders): Park, Catherine, Freya, Bella, Sven
  • Lee Seung-Won (Bring Mixed Squads): Martin (Recovery Pill talent on Lee needed), Charlie (mostly infantry and 100 of rider/ranged), Louis (mostly ranged and 100 of infantry/rider)
  • Martin (Bring Mixed Squads): Lee Seung-Won, Capt Russel
  • Louis (Bring All Ranged): Akemi, Seo Ji-na, Nakano Maaya, Lee Seung-Won (Bring 100 of riders/infantry)
  • Maaya (Bring All Ranged): Louis, Akemi, Seo Ji-na
  • Peter (Bring Mixed Squads): Lee Seung-Won, Hank
  • Hank (Bring Mixed Squads): Lee Seung-Won, Peter
  • Jaden (Bring Mixed Squads): Lee Seung-Won, Charlie, Liam, Edward (Mostly Infantry with 100 of rider/ranged), John Sunderland, Martin
  • Bella (Bring All Riders): Catherine, Cynthia, Sven, Freya, Park
  • Sven (Bring All Riders): Bella, Catherine, Cynthia, Sven, Freya, Park
  • Liam (Bring All Infantry): Charlie, John, Edward
  • Charlie (Bring All Infantry): Liam, John, Edward, Raigoro, Tom, Adut, Peterson
  • Edward (Bring All Infantry): Charlie, John, Liam, Tom, Raigoro
  • John (Bring Mixed Squads): Edward, Charlie, Liam
  • Akemi (Bring All Ranged): Seo Ji-na, Louis, Maaya

Use Good Squad Placements

Always Place your Tank Squads in front row.

Your DD (Damage Dealer) Squads should in be back Row.

Using Squad Placements to counter Opponent Squads

Your Tanks should be facing the main couple of enemy squads. If you have 3 DD squads, place 1 to the far side for it to circle around and not get targeted. Move your squads around accordingly to your opponent’s squad placements.

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