Doomsday: Last Survivors – Antepede/Scolopendra Technic Guide

Application of this method with the technique of suction and expulsion of tiles.

Guide to Antepede/Scolopendra Technic

Simply click with your fingers and select or select the characters you want to direct on the map. This allows you to move faster and it is very useful when you want to flee your pursuers especially during the island raid… the motorcycles are very fast and with this technique almost unrecoverable except by even better motorcycles

If you want to score at school you must: take an attack buff (the defense buff is useless since there are no injuries) and take a battalion capacity buff.

The boosts of his 2 buffs are variable on the effect; respectively (+5% or +10%) (+25% or +50%) and over the duration (4h; 12h; 24h) made according to your stock in the bag.

A little reminder, you cannot combine an attack buff with a defense buff, however the selected buffs apply to all your squads.

Note: If you’re smart and it’s a Sunday school but we’re still in top command it will also serve you for this last day or we’re still in Kill event mode for fights in the capital (either to possibly attack refuges) so don’t take them at the last moment but earlier in the day it will also allow you to progress in particular in the “memory” adventure to obtain 3 stars at levels where you had only obtained 1 or 2 or pass levels on which you fail.

Also take the opportunity to progress in the ranking of the apocalypse arena unless I’m mistaken these buffs work there too) and the ranking of the rewards takes place during the reset on Sunday evening

For the scolo You must compose 4 (or 5) e with the best performance possible in terms of heroes (study and compose the best possible pairs) and send them as reinforcements in the rallies of the authorized launchers.

Then all you have to do is wait and be vigilant while the caves appear to send your scouts!

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