Doomsday: Last Survivors – Buff Explanatory Guide

How Does a Buff Work

Here an example with gathering, but works with other buffs like research too.

The formula is:

  • x = t / ( xxx% / 100 + 1)
  • Where x is the boosted endtime.
  • t is the base time and .
  • xxx% is the buff you start with.

I don’t know the base time for a lvl 4 steel node, so I calculated it.

I’ve sent a squad with +211% gathering speed to the node and got a 1:52:10 gathering time (= 6730 seconds for calculation).

You can change the formula to:

  • t = x * (xxx% /100 + 1)

To get the base time.

  • t = 6730 * (211 /100 + 1) = 20930 sec base time (= 5:48:50)

With the base time you can calculate any buff result. In my example I took another hero with +12% buff to have +223% in total.

Here the formula for lvl 4 steel node and +223% buff:

  • x = 20930 / (223 /100 + 1) = 6480 sec (=1:48:00)

So I expected a new gathering time of 1:48:00 with this +12%.

And here is the result:

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