Dying Light 2 – How to Find Baba Yaga Easter Egg

Baba Yaga easter egg where you can do a time trial on a flying broom.

Guide to Find Baba Yaga Easter Egg

All credit goes to Crow!

How to get to it

When you complete the mission where you climb the TV tower (if you arent past this yet just get there then come back to doing this).

At one point you use a crane to get into the building from another building across from it, i just traveled to the building, used the elevator to get to the top, then glided down to the one with the crane to get back up there, but however you go about it thats where you need to get to.

Once there you can climb up the side of the crane, and when you reach the top youll find some mushrooms in the corner, it will say “Turn On” with a key prompt, hold F on it and it will slowly grow them until a trial pops up where you can actually do the easter egg.

The actual time trial itself

Its fairly easy, you fly on a harry potter broom around checkpoints through various buildings, if you speed up with shift it will fail you (could use it to restart if you screw up) and if you jump off of it, you will be given another in a few seconds (good to use if you wind up having to circle back to a checkpoint).


Thats basically it, not a whole lot to it except the climbing/gliding to the crane.

Also i didnt take any screenshots when i did it myself on the broom, so just go there and see what it is, also i guess to avoid spoiling what it looks like (plays some funky music while youre doing it too).

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  1. googling the baba yaga i guess its supposed to be a take on some folklore thing, but eh imagining it as a harry potter spoof is funnier

  2. Baba yaga is the witch from slavic (i guess) folklore, that lives in the hut that stands on it’s own pair of giant chicken legs, used to travetse in a barrel while using broom as a paddle

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