Dying Light 2 – The Bounty Hunter Guide / Where to Find the Targets

This guide serves to inform players about where they can find specific infected for the daily/weekly bounties found ingame or on TechlandGG.


The easiest way to do the bounties is playing Harper’s and Shen Xiu’s missions, playing an NG+ and owning the Bloody Ties DLC – then you’ll have the free choice.

Just playing the basic game you have to reach the central loop to unlock Harper’s and Shen Xiu’s missions. But there are even some spots in Old Villedor before to hunt some of the infected even during daytime. Like for Spitters or Goons.


You can find many biters at the evacuation-convoy on the eastern border between Quarry End and Horseshoe (Old Villedor).

This is a great location for when you need to kill a large number with throwable gas-tanks, remote explosives or doing the quest “The eye of the Tiger” where you have to headshot more then one target with only one arrow/bolt.


After the Bloody Nights update, they are a lot harder to find consistently. However locations such as Dark Hollows and Shen Xiu’s Missions are great places to find them as they have set spawns.

The best source is the regular or elite mission from Shen Xiu. You can find at least 3 in the bottom area when you reach the large area after exiting the elevator shaft.

You can also find a few Howlers in Harper’s regular mission.


There are two sorts of Bombers. A smaller and ta bigger one. The smaller one you can even find outside at daytime. One of the best locations is on the island with the Newfound-Military-Relais in the most south on the map of Villedor. There are not only a lot of them roaming around – standing inside the base they’ll respawn permanently.


You can always find three in the dark hollow in Horseshoe near the anomaly in Old Villedor – even in the daytime. Fast travel to the nearby metro-station in Trinity and they’ll respawn.

Or do the regular mission from Shen Xiu or Harper.


The best source is the regular mission from Shen Xiu. You can find at least 3 when you reach

the large area after exiting the elevator shaft.

You can random find some Howlers also in Harper’s. regular mission.


There is always one in Harper’s regular mission. And one in the basement of the building on the island with the Newfound-Military-Relais in the most south on the map of Villedor.


Easiest way is a military-convoy. There is always one – even in the daytime. Good spot is the convoy south/east in Trinity (Old Villedor). Just kill him, fast travel to the nearby Trinity metro-station and repeat.


Beside in the end of Harper’s regular mission you can find Demolisher at two dark hollows in Villedor – even in the basic game. One is in New Dawn Park and the other in the Wharf.

Playing NG+ you can hunt them also during daytime in the last top backyard high in the north of Houndfield, or on the bridge west to Jack and Joe’s camp – both locations are in Old Villedor. On this bridge is every time also a Goon.


You can hunt them in the nightime by starting a chase or at daytime by making some noise (like exploding gastanks or grenades). While at daytime only up to 3 will show up, you need the right gear in the night because the Volatiles will visit you too.

Volatile Hives

Without playing nighthunts, the only chance is Harper’s elite misssion. In the endzone you’ll find 3 Hives and a Tyran


There is actually no difference if you hunt Volatiles on day- or nighttime (except the risk of starting a chase at night). They are still extremely dangerous.


You have to play at least 3 complete nights to find and kill 3 Tyrans (it takes around 1 hour). Except you do Hunter’s elite misssion or kill the Phantom in Bloody Ties.


Actually they are easy to find, but faster is it by doing Shen Xiu’s regular mission – you’ll find and kill at least 10 of them in one run. Use your sense and they wiil show up green – but be carefull about the poison-cloud when they die. She’ll kill you in seconds.


You can run the whole day through the map or just do She Xiu’s regular mission. You can find up to 5 Hag-Tracks in one run.


Without running again and again through the map and hoping to find some near a hagtrack, the easiest way is to play Shen Xiu’s regular misssion.

Shen Xiu’s Regular Mission

The best source for a couple of infected is the regular mission from Shen Xiu. You can find at least 3 Bombers, Spitters and Banshees when you come into the poisend area – and a Hag by completing the mission.

During the mission you can also collect up to five Hag-Tracks and around 10 Plaguebearers.

Before you can start you have to buy in mission-ticket in her store, then cross the nearby river. Right and left beside the gate you can activate the missions

Harper’s Missions

Doing the regular mission you’ll find random some Howlers, Spitters, Bombers and Banshees. . For sure you can hunt also one Charger (even the bounty with remote explosives count) and at the end a Demolisher.

Before you can start you have to buy mission-tickets in his store. To activate a mission you have to travel to the Trinity-Subway-Station. There you’ll find a billboard to start them.

You’ll get there also access to the elite-mission. Beside random other infected you’ll find in the end 3 Volatile-Hives and a Tyran.

Bloody Ties – DLC

If you own the DLC and already played it, you now that this is the ultimate hunting-ground as all kills also counting for the bounties. Starting outside, you’ll find 3 Demolisher on the left side of the building. Playing the Arena-Quests will give you almost every sort of infected – except the Volatile-Hives. For example: Fighting down the “Phantom” counts for a killed Tyran.

You can hunt there also revenants – but till now there are no bounties about them

For a easy way to kill Bolters look at the next chapter.

Bolter Hunt – Bloody Ties – Bozak Mode

Entering the areal with the 3 Demolishers beside of the building, you’ll find a statue with a bozak-poster on her back. Grapping it will unlock the bozak-mode.

Now enter the building through the nearby door, Go through the passageway to the next room and turn directly to the right. Follow the path and at the end you’ll find a crate with the Bozak-Poster on it.

Click on it and you’ll start the challenge. Kill the first waves of Virals and then 5/6 Bolters will spawn. Killing them will also count for the bounties.

The importend thing is: Do not finish the Quest. Let the time run out or kill yourself and you can play it again and again.

Nice Bonus: By looting the Bolters you can randomly find a “Quad-Damage-Gun” with 8 shots.

Hope this Guide was helpful for you…

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