Dying Light 2 – All Inhibitors Locations

Inhibitors Locations Map

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Inhibitors List

Trinity250m west of Old Villedor Windmill?
Trinity“Unruly Brother”2
Trinity100m east of St. Joseph Hospital2
TrinityGRE Anomaly C-A-052
TrinityDark Hollow 150m north of Metro: The Holy Trinity1
The WharfGRE Anomaly C-A-832
The WharfMetro: Waterside1
Saint Paul IslandTHV-GenMod Development Cetner4
Saint Paul Island“Cathedral”2
Saint Paul IslandGRE Anomaly C-A-912
Saint Paul IslandMetro: Cathedral1
Saint Paul IslandMilitary Airdrop THB-1N41
Saint Paul IslandSaint Paul Electrical Station1
Quarry EndGRE Anomaly C-A-012
Newfound Lost LandsGRE Anomaly C-A-562
Newfound Lost LandsMilitary Airdrop THB-7U31
New Dawn ParkMilitary Airdrop THB-FH3?
New Dawn ParkMetro: Newalls Crossing1
New Dawn ParkNorthwest of the Fisheye1
Lower Dam AyreMilitary Airdrop THB-V3P1
Lower Dam AyreBelow South Loop Radio Tower2
Lower Dam AyreGRE Anomaly C-A-232
Lower Dam AyreGRE Anomaly C-A-342
Lower Dam AyreBelow GRE Anomaly C-A-231
Lower Dam AyreHeron Renegades1
Lower Dam AyreMetro: South Loop1
Lower Dam AyreMilitary Airdrop THB-4UL1
HoundfieldUnderground about 70m southeast of Cherry Windmill1
HoundfieldCenter for Stage IV THV Study4
HoundfieldGRE Anomaly C-A-222
Houndfield“Markers of Plague”1
HoundfieldEast of Houndfield Electrical Station1
HoundfieldMetro: Hayward Square1
HoundfieldMilitary Airdrop THB-04B1
HoundfieldNightrunner Hideout (Safe code 1-0-1)1
HoundfieldNorth of Metro: Hayward Square and east of Birch Windmill1
HorseshoeMilitary Airdrop THB-17U?
HorseshoeMilitary Airdrop THB-22B?
HorseshoeTHV Genomics Center4
Horseshoe“The Only Way Out”2
Horseshoe“The Raid”2
Horseshoe“Water Tower”2
Garrison“Broadcast” (VNC Tower)3
Garrison“The Shoe” (Lawan’s bedroom)3
GarrisonGRE Anomaly C-A-552
GarrisonGRE Anomaly C-A-672
GarrisonGRE Anomaly C-A-782
Garrison“Broadcast” (Garrison Electrical Substation, Safe code 3-1-4)1
GarrisonMilitary Airdrop THB-UT01
GarrisonMetro: VNC Tower1
GarrisonMilitary Airdrop THB-G3T1
GarrisonMilitary Airdrop THB-NW41
DowntownMilitary Airdrop THB-R31?
DowntownGRE Vaccine Lab4
Downtown“A Place to Call Home” (Downtown Electrical Substation)2
DowntownGRE Anomaly C-A-792
DowntownMilitary Airdrop THB-1L01
DowntownMilitary Airdrop THB-M301
DowntownSouth of Downtown Thugs1

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