Dying Light 2 – Thalia Hidden Romance Guide (Book Club Quest)

This short tutorial explains how achieve a mini romance, with Thalia.

Guide to Thalia Hidden Romance

Way to Mini Romance with Thalia

To achieve a mini romance, every time when you meet Thalia, choose the following sentence during “Book Club” quest:

1. Of course -> Fairy Tails
2. I did
3. Yes
4. It’s fine
5. Not at all
6. Not quite
7. I quess
8. Who? -> Definitely
9. Sometimes
10. Happy
11. Hard to say
12. Okay. Just this one time



  1. made an account just to say you suck. i suggest u guys go to an actual yt video and copy all of the choices cause this one is wrong

  2. Hoping Orchal sees this; Just go to the lower parts of the ship towards the “Craftmaster” (there are signs) and look for a tinier sign called Library.

  3. Hope the author gets 50 hours of his life as meaninglessly lost as my 3rd play though. How about a little more effort for a 1st google answer?

  4. I’m unsure of some of the choices you have here. #5 for example gets a seemingly bad interaction with Aiden getting defensive that it’s not an easy adventuring life as a Pilgrim.

  5. What? I didn’t understand the way you’ve structured the answers. I’m assuming each line is a separate occasion. Are they the very first dialogue options?

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