Dying Light 2 – Thalia Hidden Romance Guide (Book Club Quest)

This short tutorial explains how achieve a mini romance, with Thalia.

Guide to Thalia Hidden Romance

Way to Mini Romance with Thalia!

To achieve a mini romance, every time when you meet Thalia, choose the following sentence during Book Club quest:

  1. Both.
  2. Yes.
  3. Yes.
  4. I suppose.
  5. Not quite.
  6. I guess.
  7. Who? -> Definitely.
  8. Sometimes.
  9. Neither.
  10. A Pioneer.
  11. Okay. Just this one time.
This might be a little out of turn, Aiden, but I don't think I've ever been so aroused by a discussion of nihilism!


Who is she?

She works in the Peacekeeper’s library as the assistant to the librarian. She likes to read and have intellectual conversations about literature. She is amenable to romance and shows interest in Aiden. She isn’t afraid to say that she admires Aiden Caldwell for his intelligence and subtle understanding.

A list of all side quests

  • Book Club II
  • Book Club III
  • Book Club IV
  • Book Club V
  • Book Club VI
  • Book Club VII
  • Book Club VIII
  • Book Club IX
  • Book Club X
  • Turning the Page
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