Dying Light 2 – How to Get Infinite Weapon Durability

This guide will teach you how to make your melee weapons have infinite durability. I don’t know if this is intended by the developers of Dying Light 2, but it’s working as of right now. It is unsure if they plan to change it/fix it, if this turns out to be unintended.

Guide to Get Infinite Weapon

Brief Explanation

Techland, the creators of Dying Light 2, have created a secret dev room. It’s located in Central Loop at the Garrison zone. You have to get on top of a specific skyscraper to begin the puzzle.

When done with the puzzle, you will be awarded with a charm for you melee weapons called “Korek Charm”.

When equipped on a melee weapon, the charm has the ability to repair it for a total of +500 Durability.

You can keep on equipping the charm on any weapon infinitely, that way you will be repairing that weapon by +500 Durability each single time.

Make sure not to break the weapon before equipping the charm, as when a weapon breaks, it disappears forever. Leave at least 1 point of Durability left on the weapon, so that you will be able to put on the charm.


P.S. – Click the image to open it if you can’t see it clearly as it is.

Terminals Puzzle

Now finally at the top, it took you a while, didn’t it?

I assume that you’ve already worked with terminals and connecting them, so you should already know how they function.

You should see a terminal with a cable. This is the first terminal that you will have to connect to another terminal further down below throughout the floors.

You are probably wondering where exactly to jump off of in order to get to the next terminal?

Use these boards, throughout the puzzle, to orientate yourself from which side of the building to jump in order to reach the next floor.

Bring Medicine to heal yourself in case you get hurt, so that you don’t eventually die from fall damage.

You can also use Paraglider to reach the next floor, so do whatever suits you better.


Go down the floors one by one, so that you do not miss the terminals accidentally!

Good luck with that, and do not die!

Now that you’ve connected the first terminal, you should be able to find a second terminal on the same floor as the one you just connected.

Just like the first one, follow the boards and go down the floors until you find the floor with the terminal, to which you will connect this second terminal.

Well done, you have one more terminal to connect. It’s on the same floor as this one!

This is the last terminal that you will have to connect, go down the floors until you manage to connect it.

Congratulations! You successfully managed to connect all three terminals without dying and then having to climb that annoying skyscraper again!

Right next to the terminal, you should be able to see a panel. You will be prompted to turn it off, do that. Then you will be able to open the doors next to it.

Don’t rush down the corridor though, as a Bomber will emerge when you open the doors!

Make some distance and take him out cautiously, you will be safe after that.

Korek Charm Puzzle (Finale)

Now that you are Inside the dev room, look for a table with a letter on it from the developers.

See the image below to see what I am talking about.

Feel free to read what the developers have to say. It’s a nice thanks from them!

Around the table, there will be four sofas. Sit on each one of them for a second or two and then back out.

P.S. It doesn’t matter in which order you do it.

You will see blue particles starting to form on top of the table next to the developers’ letter. Suddenly, sparks will appear and there will be your Korek Charm blueprint.

When you pick it up, it will be automatically crafted, so do not worry about having to craft it. Done!

Congratulations! You finally own the Korek Charm, tap yourself on the back for this hard work, because sure hell it was one for me when I was working on this guide.

If you, by any chance, missed the part on how this trick works with the infinite durability for the melee weapons. Go back to the Brief Explanation part of this guide, you will be able to see how it works from there!

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Written by Beezle

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