ELDEN RING: Shadow of the Erdtree – Recommendation for Balanced Levels for Each NG+

Shadow Of The Erdtree DLC: Levels for Each NG+



  • NG (First Playthrough) – RL125
  • NG + 1 – RL130-135
  • NG + 2 – RL135-140
  • NG + 3 – RL140
  • NG + 4 – RL145
  • NG + 5 – RL145+
  • NG + 6 – RL150
  • NG + 7 – RL155+

FYI: Attribute/Levels don’t necessarily “matter”, it just depends on your attribute optimisation for each build. You can be level 200 or 300 and still struggle on the DLC. However I’ve had many people asking the same question so I hope this helps most people so they can know around a safe level to be to insure you that you won’t feel too overpowered nor to underleveled.

Note: I’m basing it off of a very few factors like how far the game expects you to be to have beaten Mohg to unlock the Dynasty Masoleum aswell as current meta levels. None of this information is tested nor proven to be correct. It’s purely an EST or prediction of what may be a safe choice to enter the DLC with. The DLC however is built to be an endgame sort of area so don’t expect to go inside with anything lower then 60 Vig for the majority of people. Everything else is up to you. Some are entering the DLC at peak level 713, some at RL125. Once again, it truly doesn’t necessarily matter. These are just ESTS/Recommendations, I won’t sit and argue with any geeks here about how my level estimations are out of place or delusional. This game is too broad to make a correct decision in, it’s realistically all personal preferences.

Summary: To summarise, the general area you wanna be at for the majority of players will be at RL125-150. Everything else varies. I don’t recommend any lower then 125, but anything above that no matter how much is still fine.

Have fun!

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