ELDEN RING – Rivers of Blood Location

This guide will show you the location of Rivers of Blood Katana.

Location of Rivers of Blood


This weapon is a endgame weapon which could be obtained by Killing The Bloody Finger Okina at The Church of Repose which is at the mountaintops of the Giants. You have probably got this weapon already if you have beaten the game, but here is a guide to how to get the weapon anyway.

Here is a very bad drawing of the path you would take to get the Rivers of Blood. This path starts once you get to the lift and activate it.

To get to the Mountaintops of the Giants you must travel to the Leyndell Royal Capital and defeat Morgott, the Omen King and then Melina will give you a Medallion to unlock the lift and then your back at my bad drawing.

Here is a closer look. This is The Church of Repose. To get the katana you have to defeat the Bloody Finger Okina which will Invade you once you reach the The Church of Repose once you have followed the path you will see a grace site.

From the grace site keep going up the path and go straight, keep looking left until you see The Church of Repose and there will be a Grace Site inside the church. Bloody Finger Okina will invade you while you are there and you can kill him and take the Rivers of Blood.

You have the Rivers of Blood now…… at what cost?

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