ELDEN RING: Shadow of the Erdtree – Black Flame Themed Build

Black Flame Themed Build Guide (PvE / PvP)

This one particularly focuses on having both godslayer’s greatsword and BFT on a flame art banished knight halberd. Sometimes I switch the halberd for a keen lordsworn straight sword with sword dance or spinning slash or double slash and play around with black flame blade. Then of course mix and match the armor to have the heaviest one that still allows you to medium roll. I like the banished knight fashion so I chose those pieces.

You can also use halberd and sword or only halberd but in that case it’s better to go pure faith if you don’t plan to use the godslayer’s greatsword. The colossal sword hits pretty hard but unfortunately the skill is slow to pull off and 99% of the time get knocked out before you can even execute the first fiery slash. I wish the skill was faster or at least the sword could apply black flame DoT with each hit. Hopefully they buff it when the DLC drops.

The other version of the build is straight up 80 faith with a flame art halberd + BFT and that’s it. But to be honest between 80 faith or split dex/fth there’s not much difference on the flame art halberd. Maybe like 50 AR difference which is not crazy so might as well go split for full black flame theme potential.

Also if you don’t plan to use the colossal sword there’s no need for the great jar arsenal. Or just use light armor, but poise is needed that damn slooooow skill.

That’s all! I really appreciate it if you’ve made it this far. See you in the game!

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