Tarisland – Useful Tips and Tricks

A collection of useful tips and tricks for beginner Tarisland players!

Helpful Tips and Tricks for New Players


Note: Be sure to check out our guide to the basics!

  • Know what attributes are the most needed for your character:
    • Development > Attribute.
  • Vigor – How to get Vigor aside from event rewards? Two ways:
    • Fishing + Unlock chests around the world map.
  • Reputation – How to get Reputation Rewards early? (World Map > Finish all the Quests required per map and get reputation rewards).
  • Unlock other items to be able to get to certain areas like: High Place (Stair Summoner), In the Roots (Flamethrower), etc. (Market > Shop > Featured Items).
  • Raids/Dungeon Rewards Chances (Raid Boss resets every 3 days, Dungeons reset every 6 days -> Make sure reward chances are not maxed out when you didn’t complete the activity because if you do, the next day you will miss out on the reward chances), same as Dark Invasion and World Boss reward chances.
  • Customize your User Interface so you will be able to comfortably see what needs to be prioritized, same with Macros.
  • Destiny Tokens (Market > Shop > Manual of Destiny Shop) – Make sure to buy items you need because there are purchase limits and they reset weekly.
  • Trade Center – Make sure to know when the trade center opens and closes because you cannot buy/sell items once it closes and need to wait for the next day.
  • Achievements – Remember to do the achievements in the early stages of the game because they give rewards and medals that are needed to buy gear and to be able to proceed to the raid boss.
  • Crystals – Buy the Adventure Association Monthly Ticket and/or Weekly Ticket if you can afford it (This is similar to the Kafra Ticket in Ragnarök) as this provides some perks.
  • When on the world map, click the icon above the + on the right side and activate all collectible markers.


What’s a Combo?

Combo is a random % to hit the target multiple times with one skill. It just adds extra damage to a skill randomly, that’s it.

What’s an Inscribed Stone?

The inscribed stone system is essentially a 2nd talent tree and probably one of the biggest power increases in the game. As these talents increase raw stats.

Ways to Obtain Inscribed Stone Energy:

  • World Boss – Once every 3 Days.
  • Dark Invasion – Once every 3 Days.
  • Universal Hall – Once every 3 Days.
  • Random Dungeon – Drop RNG.


  • 5 Emblem Slots – As you progress through the inscribed stone tree, you unlock “Emblem” slots.
  • Stackable Emblems – Yes the same emblems of different tiers stack (Green, Blue, Purple).
  • Upgrade Emblems – If you get the same emblem you already have, you receive “Essences” which can be used to upgrade emblems. Each essences have a different tier depending on the Emblem (Green/Blue/Purple) etc.

What’s an Arcane Realm?

Arcane Realm is essentially dungeons of higher difficulty adding “Affixes”. There are 3 Modes of Arcane Dungeons. Arcane Dungeons share the same loot lockout as “Elite-Level Dungeons”, but they do not share with “Random Dungeons”.

Lowest to Highest difficulty:

  • Hero
  • Nightmare
  • Epic

Arcane Realm Keys:

Arcane realm is similar to WoW-Mythic. 1 person of the team will need to select the difficulty using “Keys”. (Key 1, 2, 3, etc). These keys are used for weekly rewards.

In order to upgrade keys, you must clear the previous difficulty and then it will be RNG if you get a higher key at the end of the run. The Higher the Key you do, the more increased difficulty and better rewards from the weekly chest.

How to beat LoC challenge mode?

How to handle Omen Curse:

Team should Collect omen rift only when you have over 30 curse stacks (one player has to pick it). Kill elites asap, if failed, try to avoid curse balls (gray balls) as each hit from them will increase curse level. Avoid common curse balls.

  • Orange Curse (Orb That Follows You) = Stack them then 1 person can kite it while doing DPS.
  • Red Curse (Explosions) = Spread.
  • Purple Curse = Jump 10x.
  • Yellow Curse (Orb That Spews Gray Orb) = You can stack them to make it easier but you have to dodge so you don’t get curse levels.

How to build blue floating stairs?

Buy stairs (single use). Equip them into quickbar. Hold button down to use it. Remember: You can’t use it in battle areas.

Where to Find Fishy Boyles key?

You fish it from this lake as its where he fishes. Its a rare catch so could take awhile and a lot of bionic bait.

It can also be fished in this spot in central square silverlit and I used normal bait:

Dave’s Test Reputation Event – Sodoku Puzzle Solution

Vegetable garden puzzle, Dave’s Test reputation event.

Click to enlarge…

Characteristics / Stats

  • Health – Max Character HP.
  • Dexterity – Dexterity affects a small amount of ATK and Cooldown.
  • Intelligence – Intelligence affects a small amount of ATK and Resonance.
  • Strength – Strength affects a small amount of ATK and Resonance.
  • Stamina – Stamina affects HP and Health Recovery.
  • Attack – Attack affects your DMG. Converted proportionally to healing and affects its effect.
  • Physical DEF – Reduces the Physical DMG you take.
  • Magic DEF – Reduces the Magic DMG you take.
  • Focus – Ignores the target’s Dual DEF.
  • Dodge – Dodge can dodge the enemy’s attack.
  • Hit – Reduces target’s Dodge Rate.
  • Precision – Reduces the chance of [ Glancing ] triggering for the target.
  • Glancing Chance – Affect the chance of triggering Glancing when attacked.
  • Glancing Effect – Original Dmg Reduc after Glancing is triggered: 25%.
  • Reflect DMG – Affect the ratio of taken DMG reflected back to the attacker after Glancing (actual HP deduction).
  • Specialization – Convert Specialization Points into preference attribute based on the selected specialization: Crit & Combo.
  • Crit Chance – Affects the probability of a critical hit occurring. Upon activation – Increases damage or healing by [Crit DMG].
  • Crit DMG – By default, a critical strike is set to – 150% (strike + *(strike x 0.5)). (The x0.5 by default – can be boosted).
  • Crit DMG (Res) – It’s an entirely mythical stat, found with a couple of bosses and as affixes. This stat itself reduces your critical multiplier by half (x0.5).
  • Combo (Chance) – Chance to deal an extra hit or heal when dealing damage or healing. (an additional blow is formed which is equal to – Damage from Combo).
  • Combo DMG – By default, 100% original strike after its calculation from the character’s stats (+1.0).
  • Crit DMG (Res) – Similar to a mythic, just like crit damage reduction.
  • Resillinse – Reduces the chance of critical and combo hits of the target (lowers their% when you attack it).
  • Omni – Pumps points into a bonus effect.
  • Effect Bonus – Provides a bonus to your final DMG/Provides a bonus to your final I Healing.
  • Cooldown – Reduces skill cooldown time. Decreases global cooldown time. Shortens skill casting time.
  • Haste Effect – Increases basic attack speed. Boosts skill casting speed. Enhances the global cooldown recovery speed.
  • Resonance – Affect how fast a player can gain Inscribed Stone Energy and how powerful the Inscribed Stone skill will be during skill burst.
  • Damage immunity Rate – Damage Immunity attribute provides a final reduction in the DMG you are taking.
  • Energy Saving Chance – Affects the probability that the character will not be in recharge when using the skill
  • Activation Effect – Affect DMG bonus of target when healing. There is a 15% initial chance of increasing the target’s DMG by you% for 6 sec.
  • MoveSpd – Affects your MoveSpd in the game.
  • Health Recovery – Health Recovery every 5 sec in non battle state.
  • MP Recovery – MP Recovery every 3 sec in battle state.

Non-Obvious Truth (Rate Stat):

It’s also important to mention that in the game, there are certain attributes that have a Rate value (for example, the Paladin skill “Holly Hammer”). This Rate value provides both Chance and Rate for Sliding Strike. In fact, the Rate parameter for any attribute is a numerical value, not a percentage, which the attribute contains before it gets converted into a percentage, whether it’s for Combo, Sliding Strike, and so on.

For example, let’s look at how Holly Hammer works. If your Sliding Strike attribute is at 100 (1%), then when you use the skill, you will have 100+273 – (1%+X%+10%), where X represents an increase in Sliding Strike chance by 273 and an increase in Sliding Strike chance by 10% for the next 6 seconds.

The same applies to the percentage ratio, as in the case of the 6th skill of the mage, “Ice Increase.” Since we initially have a percentage, our attribute will ultimately be increased by that percentage. If Combo chance = 100 (1%), then (1%+X%) will apply, where X is the percentage increase in Combo chance for the next 8 seconds.

Therefore, any mention of the word “Rate” in relation to any attribute is nothing more than an abbreviation for that attribute.

TK or colloquially Talent Key is a 100% effect often triggered by talents, a strike that received a 100% bonus (critical damage, combo, etc.)

1/3 length bar indicates that you can press the skill button after crossing the fill bar (blue) of this marker, and the skill will be automatically applied next.

How to build blue floating stairs?

  • Buy Magic Stairs (single use).
  • Equip them into quickbar.
  • Hold button down to use it.
  • Can’t be used in battle areas.

Location of Fishy Boyles key

You fish it from this lake as its where he fishes. Its a rare catch so could take awhile and a lot of bionic bait.



Each Character is capped at 10 Items they can cook, regaining 1 point every 1 hour. So can cook 24 items max in an entire day.

For the Premium Stew and Barbeque Bucket – These are group food buffs = everyone in the raid/group can use them. Each player can only cook these items 10 times max, as that is the limit for the “Supreme Stock Pot” & “Best Barbeque Sauce” that you can get.

Surf & Turf Skewers is 95 Degrees


Different Baits. Depending on the type of bait, you’ll have to do different “mini-games”. Example below is using Bionic Bait. = Don’t let the green marker land on the red (Shark). Using different Bait will get you a chance to catch rarer fish.

You may also fish up “Shells” which is a currency that can be redeemed at Black Gun in Silverlit City to buy a better fishing rod/mount/etc.


Arena is standard 3v3. As of CBT2, you can rezz people in Arena. At 3 or 2 Mins of the Arena, a NPC Spawns with a circle around him. Anyone caught in this circle takes significantly more damage.

Yes you can use consumables in Arena such as lasting potions/food buffs/mana pots/etc.

Win Rules – Wipe the enemy team or have more kills then the enemy team by the time the match ends (5 Mins).

Each Arena season lasts around 2 weeks. Reaching Challenger gets you a total of 38 Hero Badges.

Arena Bracket (Highest to Lowest):

  • Challenger
  • Diamond
  • Platinum
  • Gold
  • Silver

Top 10 Challengers per Arena Season Receive a title/Dragon Mount/ and Gold.

Military Rank System

The rank system in Tarisland requires “Glory Badges” and “Hero Badges” in order to rank up. These ranks provide PvP Bonus stats such as health/attack and special affects in battlegrounds/etc.

Quick Ways to Rank Up

Some quick ways to efficiently rank up: Win your first 2 Battleground Matches of the day (Daily). These award 105 Glory Badges if you win, and 80 if you lose. After your 2 games, you will get 5 Badges per win and 3 for losing. Try to reach Challenger every Arena season, as arena is the only way to get “Hero Badges”.

There is 4 Tiers of PvP Ranks:

  • Guardian
  • Knight
  • Commander
  • Marshal

Each of these tiers allow access to the PvP Shop which you can buy “Wills” and PvP Potions for Glory Badges.

PvP Potions Stack as long as they are different tiers (Green, Blue, Purple).

PvP Potions



  • Always equip Emblems that have +50% node Attributes.


There is any difference in hunting build? Or it will be always the same?

The biggest difference is choosing between Magic Shot or Sniper Shot as your second skill. Some people likes to change presets in the middle of dungeon between AOE and single target builds, but since Hunting’s AOE blows compared to Tamed beast, you build purely into Single Target that it’s where Hunting shines.


How to change the language settings on PC?

You need to change system language on PC to English.

How to disable the voice messages in general chat?

These are horribly abused! Go into the settings and uncheck the boxes:

That concludes the guide, hope you found it helpful!

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