Enter the Gungeon – How to Get to the 6th Hall (Bullet Hell)

To get to the 6th hall (Bullet Hell) you need to defeat the past 4 main characters (Paratrooper, Huntress, Criminal, Pilot).

Guide to Get to the Sixth Hall


Patron Hell is an eerie place with gloomy gray halls and blood-red caves. In the pits of the floor, filled with black substance, the souls of the armed dead float, and burning creatures that look like people are chained to some walls.

Features of the floor:

  • On this floor there are no rooms with chests and shops.
  • There are always cursed enemies on this floor, whether the gunsmith has a curse or not.
  • On this floor there is always a secret room with an evil pervert.


  • If access to the Bulletonal Hell is open, but the gunsmith has not yet got there, then in the mode of blessing and trials it will be impossible to get to the 6th floor.
  • The English name Bullet Hell refers to a variation of the genre “Shoot ’em up”.
  • If you approach the door while there are enemies in the room, the face on the doors will show the tongue.

Boss: Lich

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