Farming Simulator 22 – Erlengrat Treasure Hunt

In Farming Simulator 22 there are different treasure hunts for each map.

Erlengrat Treasure Hunt Locations

What to Look For

On the Erlengrat map you should look for wedges of cheese like the one in the picture.

A help could be to turn the help menu on as it tells you to press R when you are in range. To collect the cheese you just walk up to it and press “R”.

Cheese Locations (12/12)

  • 365,1930 – At the Playground.
  • 482,333 – On a crate.
  • 930,1180 – On the outskirts of Erlengrad.
  • 995,1715 – On a barrel.
  • 1050,845 – Liechti Chocolatier.
  • 1160,860 – Behind Foverentex.
  • 1199,521 – On a swing.
  • 1147,960 – In the park.
  • 1013,1364 – Hotel Sonnenblick.
  • 1540,1135 – Aventurin Business Hotel.
  • 1160,1080 – On a swing.
  • 1260,1005 – On the park bench.
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