The Chronicles Of Myrtana: Archolos – How to Earn Money (Easy Method)

Guide to Earn Money

You Just Need to

  • Simple stealing what lies unwatched: gold/silver plates, chandeliers, cups, small chests, leather bellows, other valuable things.
  • Learn pickpocketing and steal.

Teacher =

  • Book of Pickpocketing at the tiny camp of 3 bandits northern of road between Lurkers’ Coast and Silbach near mountain wall.
  • Book of Pickpocketing under the bed of Rasco (Silbah).
  • Book of Pickpocketing as reward for “Help Otho” quest at Silbach (by Otho’s side).
  • Book of Pickpocketing that have someone of The City traders (I do not remember who exactly).
  • Borr (The City).
  • Learn scrollwriting and rob chests with cheap Open Lock scrolls.
    Teacher = Riordian (Silbach) via “The Art of Writing” quest.
  • Learn lockpicking and rob chests.
    Teacher = main quest related, so you cannot miss it.
  • Learn skin mammals and bring furs/skins to corresponding hunters.
    Teacher = Marcus (Silbach).
  • Learn skin reptiles and bring skins to corresponding hunters.
    Teacher = Carden (Silbach), Nirka (The City).
  • Crafting and selling javelins.
  1. Learn extracting for earning wood from fallen trees.
    Teachers = Dismas (Silbach, up to 30% skill), Dack (The City, harbor, up to 90% skill), just working by yourself.
  2. Learn blacksmithing level 1.
    Teachers = Thorsten (Silbach), Ogdar (The City).
  3. Buy recipe of crafting javelin from Ogdar at the City.
  4. Craft and sell javelins.
    Cost of 1 javelin = 2 iron nuggets + 2 wood for weapons crafting.
    Value of 1 javelin = 120 GP for all traders.
    Even if you buy iron nuggets (20 GP each), crafting javelins is still profitable.

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