Five Nights at Freddy’s: Security Breach – Monty’s Mini Golf Secret Debug Menu

No idea if this has been found yet, but it looks like I’m the first one to document it at the very least. Seems like the devs accidentally (unless this was intentional for whatever reason) kept a debug menu accessible in the final build for the Mini Golf arcade game found in the Monty’s Gator Golf area.

Accessing the Menu

Activating this debug menu is very simple:

  1. Play the actual mini game from the Mini Golf arcade machine.
  2. Simply press “D” and it will bring up the debug menu.

You can mess around with a bunch of sliders, like cranking the max launch speed up so high that you can launch the ball out of the map, or play around with the gravity. Enjoy (until it is patched)!

I would imagine this is also in the PS4/5 releases of the game if you were to plug in a keyboard to the console, unless there is already a button bound to the menu by default. If anyone can confirm this for me in the comments I’ll update this section accordingly!

Bonus: Pressing TAB brings up a bugged FazWatch camera display. What a funky little mini game.

Written by AtomicMayo

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