Forager – Waterproof Achievement

The most notorious and annoying achievement/feat for those looking to get 100% on Forager. This guide will definitively solve your issues getting this achievement.


When 100%ing Forager, Waterproof was definitely the most annoying and frustrating achievement to get. To complete waterproof, you must cover each water tile on the map with a bridge or landfill. But many find that even after doing so, the achievement doesn’t unlock. In previous patches, this was bugged even if you filled everything in, and would only unlock if the last tile placed was a landfill.

In this guide, we’ll use the secret settings to weed out any last water tiles you might’ve missed, and then troubleshoot from there.

Secret Settings

To get to the secret settings, go to C:\Users(your name)\AppData\Local\Forager. This may be in a different drive, but it’ll be in the AppData/Local. Then, with Forager closed, open secretSettings.ini and change:


Load the game your save like normal, and then break and replace a landfill in any area. A blue arrow should then pop up telling you where any missing tiles are. If it points to an area with a bridge, remove the bridge and replace with landfill.


If changing your secret settings and finding any missing tiles didn’t work, try reloading your save and removing/replacing a landfill, or changing bridges to landfills where there are any objects on top. If this still doesn’t work, it’s worth trying other means users have tried and had success with. These include:

  • Changing every bridge on the map border to landfills
  • Trying to place landfills underneath immovable objects (the rainbow, fountain, dungeons, etc). This doesn’t work for every tile but I’ve been able to place landfill on some of them.
  • Finding bridges that look misaligned, destroying them, and replacing with landfills.

And there are various other solutions that may work.

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  1. i’d advice using the ‘remove structures’ mod. Only way to really get all the water tiles even underneath the immovable objects and actually get the watertile achievement.

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