Forza Horizon 5 – How to Obtain the New 13 Achievements

Here I will teach you in detail how to get the 13 new achievements from the Day of the Dead update in Forza Horizon 5.

All New Achievements Guide

Chapters Achievements

  • On the Road Again
  • Hi five
  • Low five
  • Back To School
  • A New Era
  • Give it the Beans!

There isn’t much of a secret to these achievements, just play the chapters and get 3 stars by completing them:

Get 3 stars in all missions in the Donut Media Low/Hi chapter.

Just complete the Speed ​​Icon chapter.

Photo Achievements

These achievements are very simple and quick.

Get My Good Side

Go to character and change to any other, just take the photo.

Juuuuust Kight

Go to guidelines and choose anyone, after that just take 3 photos.


Just take a photo at each available time option.

Horizon Test Track Achievements

Give Me Five!

Modify 5 cars within the test track, just change a part and leave the track and it will ask if you want to modify the car, just confirm and repeat with 5 cars.

Leaving Tracks

Just drive inside the horizon test track until the achievement unlocks.

Maxing Out

Take a fast car and maintain a speed of 200 mph per hour for 10 seconds inside the horizon test track.

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