Foxhole – How to Get Free Tanks

How to get free tanks without farming RMATS for them.

Ways to Get Free Tanks

Public Logi

Go to a seaport at a logistics hub. There might be public tanks in the seaport or at the parking lot at the hub.

Border Hunting

Your faction will leave their tanks in the middle of the woods or on a regional border. Instead of a enemy partisan taking it, you can find one and use it yourself!

Bunker Base Tanks

If you see a bunker base with many triangles in it via radio it more than likely has tanks in it. Just walk up to the bunker base, wrench the tank and use it yourself. It’s better used than idle or stolen from enemy partisans.

Bunker Base Hoarders

Some bunker bases will have a lot of tanks in them, inaccessible by driving them out by natural means due to some form of blockade and bunker reservation. This is not an issue. Simply wrench the tank and type in the !unstuck command, the tank will be taken out of the bunker base in 2 minutes. You have 9 !unstuck commands per war. If you don’t use any of those commands such as myself that’s 9 free tanks for yourself per war.


It’s not against code of conduct to take vehicles from bunker bases or regional borders. Use those tanks for the greater good!

Signs are not the final authority. You do not have to obey signs saying “Don’t take these tanks”. Disobeying signs is not against code of conduct.

Devs have intentionally removed the ability to store tanks after using them. So it’s very clear that devs do not intend on people hoarding tanks.

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  1. Always bring a can of diesel when you’re looking for unoccupied vehicles. You’ll often find them out of fuel!

  2. see now this is what i dont understand you dont mind taking tanks from friendlys but wont do logi yourself then get mad when people ask you to not take there stuff its not like you spent all the work to get that tank

  3. From an armor regiment standpoint, please don’t steal tanks from bunker bases. We reuse our tanks over multiple days instead of throwing them at the enemy when we’re about to all log off. Tanks are expensive.

  4. Literally first entry in the Code of Conduct:
    > Do not team kill, grief, or intentionally harm your own team in any way
    Taking things other people explicitly ask you not to take is griefing and is harmful.
    Do not be surprised when you get banned.

  5. Honestly it’s a good guide. This goes for current top tier research tanks where it has the most advantage and very little counters. It could change in a day when they develop their own counter against it.

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