Freddy Fazbear’s Pizzeria Simulator – How to Start Every Playthrough with $200

Start Every Playthrough with $200 without Losing All Progress!

Do you want to start every playthrough with the extra money earned from selecting the bottom four pizza-toppings at the start without holding the “-” key, deleting ALL of your progress, including certificates? Well worry not, because the solution is relatively simple, assuming you have the patience for the trial and error aspect of it.

Bankruptcy Ending

Simply get the Bankruptcy Ending between each playthrough, which will restart you from the 8-bit pizzeria section without deleting any other certificates you’ve already obtained. I’ve found that the easiest way to get the Bankruptcy Ending is to purchase Mr. Hugs, the discount ball pit, and single stage, placing the ball pit and Mr. Hugs, and then hoping that you get a lawsuit once you’ve completed your tasks and gotten past the salvage minigame (I always throw Molten Freddy away just to save time).

Hopefully, if you get a lawsuit, the cost of settling it will be enough to bankrupt you. If any of these conditions are not met and you’re still able to advance to Tuesday, just quit and re-enter the game, then at the title screen, click “new game” and repeat the whole process until you finally get “lucky” enough to go bankrupt!

The only other potential hindrance is if one of the salvageable animatronics sneaks in due to the level of risk you have or due to purchasing the ball pit or Mr. Hugs at a discount, which will make the office part a little trickier.

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