Genshin Impact – A Little Less Shocking Than Love at First Sight Guide (Easy Achievement)

How to Get A Little Less Shocking Than Love at First Sight Achievement

This basic room can be done in 3 seconds, simple but does what it needs.

  • ID Code Server EU: 17922098570
  • ID Code Server Asia: 18042818065
  • ID Code Server NA: 17803480042

In the event page, pick: “Custom Domains”:

In the next page:

  1. Paste the Domain ID provided above.
  2. Click: “Search Domain”.

In this page there is a recap of the domain, go to: “Challenge Domain”.

In the party setup page of the trial characters, select Kazuha, then press “Start”.

You will only need him.

This how the Domain looks: “Start Challenge”.

Get inside the slimes group and use his “Skill”.

That should do the trick!

I hope this guide helpes you a little, i will make more domains and share the IDs as i am on an achievement hunting mission and this is a quick and easy way to do it.

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