Honkai: Star Rail – Event Guide for Museum Management

Casual Players Event Guide for Museum Management

Note: This guide will focus only on finishing the event and will not tackle on how to min-max every cycle.

  • Do the event’s mission located at the mission list by pressing “J”. Carefully read the instructions as it will help you grasp the basic concepts of how to complete the event.
  • After doing the mission, you should be able to do the museum management.
  • There are basically 3 things you need to remember (Go to the order of precedence below):

Main Mission:

Management Mission:

Exhibit Collection Mission:

Guest Assistance/Staff:

Exhibit Items:

Do the event in this precedence:

  • Main Mission > Assistance/Staff Mission > Exhibit Item Mission

Helpful Tips I Encountered:

  • Always buy available staff.
  • Always do mission whenever it pops up.
  • If you want to always get S you can upgrade tour, educational, visitor 3 levels ahead to the area level.
  • If you level up an area you can remove all the staff from other the area and redeploy them so you can see different combinations and scatter the points equally.
  • The sort function on the bottom left is helpful on picking the staff appropriate for certain areas.

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