Genshin Impact – Best Kujou Sara Builds Guide (4-Star / Electro)

Kujou Sara: Burst Support Build



  • 1. Skyward Harp (5✩)
  • 2. Elegy for the End (5✩)*
  • 3. Polar Star (5✩)
  • 4. Thundering Pulse (5✩)
  • 5. Amos’ Bow (5✩)
  • 6. Fading Twilight (4✩)
  • 7. Mouun’s Moon (4✩)
  • 8. Alley Hunter (4✩)
  • 9. Sacrificial Bow (4✩)
  • 10. Blackcliff Warbow (4✩)
  • 11. Prototype Crescent (4✩)
  • 12. Favonius Warbow (4✩)
  • 13. Viridescent Hunt (4✩)
  • 14. Messenger (3✩)


  • 1. Emblem of Severed Fate (4)
  • 2. Noblesse Oblige (2) Thundering Fury (2)
  • 3. Noblesse Oblige (2) +18% ATK set (2)
  • 4. Noblesse Oblige (4)*

Artifact Stats

Main Stats

  • Sands – Energy Recharge / ATK%
  • Goblet – Electro DMG
  • Circlet – Crit Rate / DMG


  • 1. Crit Rate / DMG
  • 2. ATK%
  • 3. Energy Recharge
  • 4. Flat ATK

**Prioritize Energy Recharge first if you can’t burst off cooldown

Talent Priority

  • 1. Skill
  • 2. Burst

Ability Tips

For her Elemental Skill to generate particles, you need to perform a Charged Shot to place a Crowfeather after casting her Elemental Skill. If the Crowfeather explosion hits an enemy, it generates 3 particles.

Crowfeathers generated from Sara’s [C2] do NOT generate particles.

Gameplay Tips

Sara is a quickswap support who is able to buff your active characters via its Crowfeather mechanics. When Sara uses her Elemental Skill, her next Charged Shot will leave a Crowfeather on the target location and after a short while, the Crowfeather explodes and the active character in its AoE will benefit from Sara’s ATK buff, which scales with her Base ATK.

At [C2], you can skip the Charged Shot as it immediately drops a Crowfeather, and save it for later on if you wanna swap back to her to extend her buffs. You can also use Elemental Skill followed by Elemental Burst so that she benefits from the Crowfeather dropped by her Elemental Skill, then swap to other character so that character can benefit from Sara’s ATK buff. It’s worth mentioning that Sara’s Crit DMG buff at [C6] doesn’t snapshot and it also doesn’t show on the stats page, so don’t freak out when you don’t see it there.

Regarding Weapon Choices: Weapons here are ranked based on their Base ATK to maximize Sara’s ATK buff.

Elegy for the End: The cooldown on this weapon’s passive aligns perfectly with Sara’s Elemental Burst cooldown. This weapon has lower base ATK if compared with Skyward Harp, but this weapon can be considered over Skyward Harp since Sara is able to trigger the weapon passive quite easily with her Elemental Burst to provide your party members with another 100 EM and 20% ATK buff for 12 seconds, it also has Energy Recharge substat which is very valuable on a Burst Support Sara.

Regarding Artifact Sets:

  • Noblesse Oblige (4): Universal support set that is able to buff your party member’s ATK by 20%, use this set on Sara if there’s nobody else in the party who’s equipping one.

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